Ask LuKeisha Question: How Do I Study the Bible?

Hello R.A.! Thank you for the great question! Your seeking to know God and His Word better will greatly bless you!  There are many many many ways to begin learning The Bible. So, many that, at this time, I can only list a few high-level ways you can begin learning more about the Word of God, which will teach you more about God Himself, and more about you!


The very first thing you can begin to do is read The Bible little by little. The Bible has been translated into hundreds of languages. If you prefer to read it in your native language, check your local book store or Amazon .com to see if they have it.  Along with reading The Bible, it is very important to add prayer, each time, to ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in your understanding. Right now, I’m attempting to give you as much as I can, without overwhelming you with too much information. But, there are additional Bible self-study techniques that are also available. You can find books containing various techniques at your local book store or Amazon .com. Or, people such as yourself can be coached to do them by a Biblical Life Coach such as myself. And as a supplement, with you being a part of Cornerstone Solid Hope, there’s a lot you can begin to learn about the Word of God, right now, for free, by reading some of my blog articles and listening to some of my podcasts.  Below are the links to both: Blog Articles here —> Podcast Episodes can be accessed here —>


The second thing you can add to reading & prayer, to deepen your understanding of The Bible, is to find a local Christian Bible-based church. Attending the main services and going to weekly Bible study classes can greatly help increase your knowledge about The Bible. If you currently do not have a church that you regularly attend, periodically ask God in prayer to help you to find the best church for you, until you find one that feels comfortable.


Third, after you’ve done the above two options for some time, if you feel called to take your Bible study to even deeper levels, to be able to teach or preach The Bible, like I and many other Christian Spiritual leaders have, you can join your church’s ministry program, if they have one. Or, you can attend a formal educational institution, such as a seminary college or a regular college that has ministry degree programs. For starters, this should be sufficient to get you on your way of wanting to know God and His Word better.  I am positive that as you go along this journey, you will discover wonderful things that will change your life for the best! And, I pray that, from this point forward, God will increase your knowledge, faith, and experiences in Him to great new levels! God Bless You!
Lukeisha H. Carr
Love You to Life! Lukeisha Carr LuKeisha Carr Ministries International, Inc.

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