Boston Marathon Prayer

Merciful Heavenly Father God,

We ask, Oh Sovereign Lord, that You comfort and send forth Your Word to heal those who lost loved ones, and all who were injured in the tragic and senseless bombings at the Boston Marathon on, April 16, 2013. Jehovah Salom, we know that You are love and possess a peace that surpasses all understanding. Please send abundant love and peace to the family who lost their 8 year old son. We know, Oh Merciful and Compassionate God, that this little boy is now in Your arms.

You are a God of love and justice. We know that we can never know Your full plans and purpose, and so we will not worry because You are excellent in all Your ways.  We ask that those who need help in forgiving will receive all they need from You in this situation, so they can begin their personal soul healing.

Thank You for preventing further harm amongst the thousands who were able to go home without injury. Thank You, Lord, for the gracious hearts who extended their hands, talents, and services to help all in need. And, thank You for Your everlasting presence in our lives.

We mourn with those who mourn, knowing we have a Solid Foundation of Hope in Jesus. We continue in faith, Great and Glorious God, because You are on Your throne in heaven, from where You heal and restore all who were affected by this event.

In the Blessed and Powerful name of Jesus The Christ.


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