Bring Your God-Given Dreams to Pass Despite Opposition

keep my dreamAs one facing similar experiences as you, when it comes to opposition, I was reminded just recently that opposition is not a time to be sad. It’s not a time to give up. Nor, does it indicate that God has changed His mind about what He has told you to do or what He has created you to do. Everything you do for God will draw all kinds of antagonisms, resistance, and opposition. Some, surprisingly from many whom you would have never expected them to come from. And, at times, you probably wonder, what do I do when I feel like I can’t win?  What do I do when I feel like the enemy keeps saying to me “I’m going to stop your dream… from. ever. coming. true.”?

  • First, remember the devil is a liar! And, be encouraged to live out your Divine right to Dream BIG, Think BIG, Believe BIG, AND… Win BIG because you serve a BIG God who never asks you to do anything for Him that you could do without Him. So, He doesn’t expect you to do it without His help. Like He did with Balaam, He will cause your enemies to Bless you instead of curse you!
  • Second, stay connected to the only connection you need foundationally, “God” Himself! When Nehemiah took on the challenge of rebuilding what the enemy had destroyed, people in high places attempted to stand in his way. What did he do? He did not give up. He did not hide. He did not hesitate. He PRAYED! And, as he moved forward, he trusted The Lord to remove any opposition, and implemented the steps in bringing the dream God had given him to pass.  Brother/Sister in Christ, we must stay prayed up! Prayer is the connection to the power you need to overcome the world as Jesus overcame the world.
  • Third, wear the Full Armor of God that you’ve been given as you use the weapons that are not carnal to do your part. And, then rest in God by letting Him do the rest.  You can start with the prayer below that wields the Sword of the Spirit:

“Lord, I can’t stop opposition from succeeding against me, without Your help. I will continue to stand strong in faith, covered by the Blood of Jesus & wearing the full Armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-20). I will continue to use the mighty weapons that are not carnal (2 Corinthians 10:4,5) that You’ve given me & leave the rest of what I cannot do up to You; for You, Oh God are Faithful to do it.

I decree & declare no weapon formed against me shall prosper (Isaiah 54:17).  And, as the enemy, his demons, & his workers of iniquity set traps for me, I decree & declare, they will fall into their own snares themselves. Nothing can thwart the plans of God. (Job 42:2)

Father God, no matter what comes against me, enable me to let love and faithfulness never leave me. May I wear them proudly as a necklace, and have them effectively ingrained in my heart. Provide me Your increased power & favor with both You & people. (Proverbs 3:3,4) Cause me to triumph over every Tobiah & Sanballat spirit (Nehemiah 4:1-8).  Make every Balaam spirit bless me (Numbers chapters 22-24).  And, cause every Judas spirit to hang itself in the spirit (Matthew 27:1-5); only the spirit, Lord, not the people, for I seek people’s deliverance not their demise.

Lord, only You see & know the hearts of people, unless they are truly & permanently repentant with contrite hearts, lift up all that covers wicked acts, expose to the world the ugly truth of who they, those who have rejected You, Jesus, truly are and have been all along, so that no Child of God shall be oppressed, suppressed, deceived, or manipulated.  And, tho I pray every plan, assignment, & task of the enemy fails, cause anything You choose to allow to expediently propel me, ready, willing, & powerfully able, into my God-given dreams of promises, destiny, & purpose.

In Jesus Name.  Amen.”

Keep praying, Child of God! (P)ray (U)ntil (S)omething (H)appens… PUSH through that opposition because God has given you all you need to breakthrough it with Grace! And, soon you’ll see the days when your God-given dreams of promises begin to collide with reality!



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