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Thank you for watching the Facebook live on 5 Tips on Growing to Trust in Yourself! I believe once you begin to practice these tips, using the prayers in this page, along with the guide and checklist, you’ll be on your way to gaining greater trust in yourself, resulting in better decision making all as you Trust in The Lord!

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Connect to My Lord & Savior Prayer

[Use this prayer if you’ve never, or don’t remember ever, giving your life to Christ.]

Lord Jesus, there are some things I’ve done, & some not of my own doing, that has affected my soul & spirit in undesirable ways. I believe Oh Lord Jesus, that You are The Christ, my Lord & Savior, the Son of the One & Only Living God. I believe in my heart that You died on the Cross & were risen making us a way to eternal life.
I want my life to change for the better to have peace, love, joy, & faith that my latter days will be greater than my former days. So, please come into my heart & cleanse it, take reign over my life, redeem my soul, & put a right & willing spirit in me. Teach me Your ways, Lord. Help me to have ears that hear Your voice, as my Great Shepherd, never to be led by any other. May I hear Your voice guiding me towards the everlasting hope & future You so graciously provide.
Thank You, Jesus, for making me one of the redeemed that is able to rejoice & say so!
In Jesus Name. Amen.

Strengthen Connection to God Prayer

[Use this prayer if you’ve been away or feel like you’ve been distant from God for a while.]

Holy God, it seems I may have stayed, or strayed, too far away to hear what You say. Your Word says that if we call unto You, Lord, You would show us great & mighty things. Father, please give me ears that hear, a heart that understands, and a willing spirit so that I may be led by the voice of Your Holy Spirit. Increase my spiritual discernment to ensure I only follow You, Lord Jesus, as my Great Shepherd so that I will not be led by any other.
In Jesus Name. Amen.

Holy Spirit Leading Prayer

[Use this prayer, regardless of which of which of the above prayers you pray. This will open the way of the Holy Spirit leading you in your daily activities.]

Father, Your Word says You would give me the Spirit without limit. I ask you to help me to have an unyielding determination to consistently choose to be a Living Sacrifice to You only, Jesus. Lord, I bind and cast out anything that has pulled me away or keeps me at a distance from You and all You have for me. Fill my dry and arid places with the Living Water of Your Spirit, take the Reigns & Steering Wheel of my Mind Body Spirit & Soul, my Life. Loose me from anything that is not of You & Bind all that I am in You to all that You are! For, Lord Jesus, with me in You & You in me, I am Set Free to Live in the Abundant Life You give me!
May You give me Your power that is sufficient in any areas of decision making I face so I can rise to royalty, even in my heart mind and soul to take my rightful positions of respect, great importance, and nobility in the Kingdom of Heaven. Father, I know that nothing is hopeless for the God of Hope. And, nothing is impossible for you to achieve. I pray Oh Lord, that You help me to have a willing spirit to receive.
In Jesus Name. Amen.

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Lukeisha Carr

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5 Tips on Readying Yourself for Marriage – Part II

There is much to think about, much to practice in light of the two and a half tips provided in Part I of 5 Tips on Readying Yourself for Marriage. But there are a few more that’ll give you a jump start with a spark to help you towards warm bliss even through seasons of wintry blizzards. To continue on with circulating the 4 C’s, the next thing after practicing consideration and communication with your significant other, there needs to be…

Compromise, pointing out a dichotomy in its meaning, in that it’s great to compromise, exercising a little give and take, to bring forth a mend in a rift that resulted out of disagreement or to pursue peace. Yet, it also, calls for caution, not to compromise who you know yourself to be in the eyes of God, your faith, nor core values that are aligned with the Word of God.  For to compromise one’s values too much is like playing on a seesaw with someone who is extremely unequal in weight, that if there’s a lean too heavily on one end, one is always up in the air, and the other never gets off the ground.  It’s like a mathematical formula, where you and your spouse are the right components in your relationship, two people brought together by God to add to each other, and multiply to complete a Kingdom purpose together, but if the right values are missing and/or incorrect ones are used, you will inevitably get the wrong results.  And, it’ll have you wondering, where am I, who am I? So, it’s important to not lose yourself by always conceding your God-given desires.  However, make room within yourself, for your special someone, by setting aside some of what you want to allow their Divinely inspired desires to transpire, as well. Some of the most beautiful songs are created by a duet of great talents, those who compromised on which parts they’d sing in their collaboration to follow through on what had been agreed upon.  I believe for you that you and your partner can make beautiful music together, as well.

Collaboration requires that you be ready to answer a committed YES! as you ask yourself, “Am I ready to do what I said I’d do?  Am I ready to do my part?” Collaboration is a consistency of working with your partner to bring forth the results agreed upon. If you’ve ever worked in a team at work or played on one in sports, you know there’s a dependency on you consistently and reliably performing what you agreed to do. It’s no different in a marriage. The two of you will be a team. Your home is your work place or ball court. Collaborating on tasks and issues makes you part of the solution, and not part of the problem.  Winston Churchill once said, “The price of greatness is responsibility.” No matter what stage of the dating game you may be in, surely you want to have a “GREAT” relationship!

Tip #4: Synchronized Symbiosis

One of the most common complaints in a dating relationship or marriage is “She/He expects me to read her/his mind!” So often sought, so frequently expected, yet, there’s often a hindrance that is placed up by one or both that prevents that desired closeness required to enable a synchronization of hearts to achieve that goal.  Though being on a level to do that at all times may seem impossible, there is a oneness that comes with being unified not only by The Holy Spirit, but unified by the intertwine of both your spirit and your spouse’s. According to Genesis 2:24,25 spouses were created to come together as Adam and Eve did, become one, and not be ashamed. This indicates a closeness that calls for a level of transparency. An access where your special someone can peer beyond the temporal; clothes, skin & flesh into the depths of your soul.  A willingness is needed on your part to be translucent so you can feel safe and comfortable when your mate genuinely feels and says “I love you because I see you, through you, to the true you.”  This paves a journey, because it’s not fully instant.  It creates a trail to allowing your significant other access to understanding all of you, the parts we all have; the good, the bad, and the ugly. This is not mentioned just because it’s something each spouse should be willing to do but because it’s something the Spirit of The Lord will begin to initiate, when He is that third strand, mentioned in Part I of 5 Tips on Readying Yourself for Marriage. For it is a bi-product of the function of your soul being knitted to the soul of your mate, that gives you the ability, as you yield to it, to develop a choreographed grace to dance across the floors of life with each other.  The secret to work in tandem with Christ as the Head of your life is, well… no secret at all. It’s a matter of, as we are taught about perfect love in 1 John 4:18, consistently practicing a love that cast out fears. And, it starts, but is not confined to the boundaries, of your home. For everyone is called to ministry, because at a minimum, even when not called to ministering in a church, one definition of ministering means “the act of serving”, to which we are called.  You are called to serving your mate, your children, and your extended family.  Your marriage is your first ministry and your home is the soil in which it will be nurtured.

Tip #5: Nurture the Environment

Anything that grows, needs to be nurtured.  Marriages can grow or become stunted, so it’s imperative to sow into your relationship by, not necessarily focusing so much on what you bring into it materially, but what you sow into each other spiritually and emotionally. Tilling the soil of your marriage spans much more than I can give you in the space of this article. So, encouragement, appreciation, and refreshing will be discussed to get you going on a good start.


As mentioned above, perfect love drives out fear. One of the intangible things you can give as an act of love is courage. The word encourage French/Latin root meanings; “En-” which is “to put in” and “courage” is “heart”; to give heart, which is a metaphor for inner strength. With encouragement, you can began to destroy the thorns of your mate’s doubts about any shortcomings, challenges, or new endeavors that can cause fear. Give heart that all things can be done through Christ who strengthens. Give heart that their shortcomings are not solely what defines them, but it’s the totality of their design that makes them the perfect piece of the puzzle helping you to further complete the picture of your life.  Give heart that as Ecclesiastes 4:9,10 says “Two are better than one… if either of them falls down one can help the other up…” Because, love is an action word.  So though it is wonderful to hear and should be said often, showing your soon to be life partner that you are there as a reliable source of support can be very encouraging. And it communicates, non-verbally, an appreciation that God has placed this person in your life.


Showing appreciation is important because it ensures the rocks of life don’t prevent the roots of your relationship from going deeper.  It helps to ground your relationship in gratitude, especially during and/or after difficult times.  Hardships, those of the past and those you will encounter together, can harden a soul spirit and outlook towards people and life as they are experienced. Appreciation of your future partner’s presence, their thoughts, time, and efforts can soften their feelings, refreshing their hope, helping your special someone feel… well, special, and be more open to you.


Being ready to refresh your mate with new hope; to replace hope that may have been snatched away on any previous day; to wipe away the traces of shed tears; giving them hope that things can be different. Refresh their mind and body as you show your appreciation by periodically doing something thoughtful that temporarily relieves them of normal tasks or duties. Refresh their spirit by simply spending time with each other talking about and enjoying blessings, expressing aloud new dreams and aspirations that the two of you can bring forth through collaboration as the cycle of love comes around again.  This keeps your union light, not bogged down by burdens, bringing a refreshing by replenishing vision for a bright future.

Sow Seeds, and nourish your soil helping progress to flow, not Weeds that only to block nourishment to grow. Sow into your relationship the things that propagates potential, fosters faith, and blooms belief within your partner, not only in public but in the privacy of your personal time together. Mentioned in Part I of 5 Tips on Readying Yourself for Marriage, first and foremost of all, inviting and keeping Christ and His Spirit leading at the helm of your relationship is the solidifying factor for it’s strengthening.  Knowing yourself before God empowers you to be confident and steadfast in who you are in Christ, and to set boundaries around the values you live by according to the Will of God.  Circulating the 4 C’s, by giving your partner Consideration, being open to Communication, Compromise and Collaboration lays a layer of foundation to build towards transparent acceptance. Embracing each opportunity, whether in good times or bad, to build each other up through encouragement, appreciation and refreshing, in thought, word, and deed builds another layer of respect and honor.  As Amy Grant said, “Every good relationship, especially marriage, is based on respect. If it’s not based on respect, nothing that appears to be good will last very long.”  God prepares each of us for the blessings He plans to give us. As you start implementing these tips, you will be essentially saying “Yes” to the process, while God is also preparing your spouse for you, too.  May the God, who is Love, bless your journey towards each other!

Lukeisha H. CarrLove you with the Love of God!

LuKeisha Carr Ministries International

5 Tips on Readying Yourself for Marriage – Part I

Even the greatest love stories have their rough and tumble trying times in the middle, before the story ends in a, for the most part, happily ever after. Have you considered about your future marriage, “Who am I? And how, I wonder, will this story end?”  There’s no way to know for sure what turbulence you will hit along the journey of the unity of matrimony, nor any way to absolutely know how it’s going to end, but you certainly can, even if you have yet to find your boo, begin building a solid foundation starting with you. Focus is frequently so intently on how to find the right mate, when we seldom understand what it takes to be the right mate, thinking that to be ready means to simply want to settle down. There has been times that even I have uttered to myself, “how would I feel being married to me?”, as a way to evaluate my own readiness for a union that God will so graciously bless me with.

A comment I just recently read, and caught my eye, offered by Dennis & Barbara Rainey, “A marriage license doesn’t make a marriage. It only gives you the right to start building one.”  That made me think of what Jesus tells us in Matthew 7:25 “Therefore everyone who hears these words of Mine and acts on them is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. The rain fell, the torrents raged, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because its foundation was on the rock.”  The idea of a large elaborate wedding and the bliss of a union of newly established love, pleasantly brings thoughts of sunrise and endless days of cloudless sunshine. But, as presented in 1 Corinthians 7:28 NIV, “…those who get married… will have troubles…”  Therefore, there will be times you will encounter a muddy puddle you’ll have no choice but to wade through as well as storms to survive, that don’t have to shrivel your marriage but make your tie to each other stronger.  Most of what’s about to be shared, you can apply to your life right now, even if you haven’t yet found “the one!“, but maybe you are dating.  All, except one that only applies to marriage that will be revealed in part II, can easily be slightly modified to fit, transferred to, and used within, any relationship, such as; co-workers, friendships, siblings, and parents.  I say this because the more you practice these tips, the more you’ll be ready when matrimony time arrives, helping you plan & build upon the one and only Solid Rock before you agree to walk the paths of life together.

Tip #1: Stand Strong with the Shining Strand 

To insert a caveat, before I get into the reason it’s good to be married, remember that marriage does not always or all inclusively make life easier, nor does it rid or cure you, or your potential mate, the temptations each of you battle or feed before you tie the knot.  Though said before the time we had to be concerned about such things, according to God, as He told to Adam in the Garden just before creating Eve, “it is not good for man to be alone.” And as stated in Ecclesiastes 4:12 NIV; “Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.”  In Part II, we’ll get into the why and how the two of you can be nurturing for each other under the covering of Christ, who is the third and Shining Strand.

Covenant relationships are vulnerable to division. Division enters by way of unpleasant issues, those known and unknown, about our potential mate and ourselves.  It intrudes upon unions that God puts together because the forces of darkness knows that where there is unity, there is strength and power. The intrusion can be apparent or seem very subtle almost unnoticed.  It can come by way of large crisis or behaviors that erode core values that are nutrients of the soil your relationship should be rooted in.  As you keep Christ, the Pure Strand of Light, as the head of your daily life in word and deed, He is that added strength that will bind you and your mate together, rendering the issues of life and any personal foibles unable to tear apart what God puts together.

Tip #2: Know Yourself Before God

Part of working with God to strengthen your relationship is leaning on Him to understand yourself. And, though it is not impossible to do if you are already engaged, or married, it’s best to begin before you do so.  Back in mid 2010, God started me on a four year (yup, FOUR YEARS!) dating hiatus. As any typical, healthy young woman, I too was seeking to find what I thought was my better half. I now know there are no better half’s when you allow yourself to become whole as God fills your spirit-man with what you’ve always longed for, yet without Him, never can truly find. So, as I began my walk with Christ in late 2010 and continued beyond, the prayers for a Godly husband began. But, he hadn’t manifested. And, if your spouse has not manifested, yet, don’t be discouraged. If God hasn’t decided to set you apart especially for Himself, you will connect with your future spouse someday. Be encouraged, because the mate chosen for you may be going through a preparation process to be united with you, too. And, that’s why I want to share with you my very brief story. As I prayed, periodically, for a husband, a couple of times God gently told me; “Be Patient, My child. Come into the fullness of who you are before I add anyone to your life.” After hearing that, I focused on finding myself, knowing myself, understanding who God created me to be and the plans He has for my life.

When you begin to walk in, and measure yourself by, what God says about you, ignoring what others say, you are getting closer to knowing yourself before God. This helps you to know your gifts and talents, so you know exactly where and in what you are to operate in intentionally, with excellence and genuine inward fulfillment.  As undesirable as it may seem, you will know and understand more about what you now consider weaknesses.  Some you won’t be able to change, but because of what God says you can accept.  Others are ones, that with God’s help you can overcome. And, like the Apostle Paul, you can also receive God’s promise, as shown to us in 2 Corinthians 12:9 “’My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness.’…”  That is Empowering! Empowering because before the person is added to your life, you are strong, self-sufficient, and secure that you are content with being YOU!  Thus, when you cleave with your mate, there’s no loss of core or essential parts of yourself in the effort to put too much of who you are aside to please your spouse. Instead, it is Empowering to be productive, enabling you to communicate, giving the best of who you are to whomever comes into your life! Giving, never losing, because you’re always producing the essence of you!

Tip #3: Circulate the 4 C’s

Usually, I go deeper into these in group coaching workshops, but these are a good start to help you on your way to prepare for your walk down the aisles of life with your potential mate. These are bricks or layers of your foundation where one builds on top of another. Consideration must be present to have the desire to communicate properly. Communication must be present in order to know what you need to compromise about. Compromise is what you will plan with your future spouse to do together in collaboration. And, Collaboration is what actions you both will carry out based on your plan.

Consideration for another, done so on a regular basis without begrudging, is an indication that you have made room for that person in your heart and all that matters to you. Romans 12:10 NIV says to, “Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.” Think back to a time when someone was considerate to you regarding your time, your feelings, your dreams and desires. How did that experience make you feel? What did you think about the person who wanted to hear your thoughts and ideas? Think about how you would feel at the moment of a sense of belonging and significance you would have when you are welcomed into the wholeness of another’s world. It is something that can make you smile! Imagine that for a lifetime, even through up and downs that can make it easier said than done, yet does not excuse the practice of consideration. Thoughtful acts fueled only with your desire to include and integrate your future spouse into your daily activities and long-term plans, plus taking into account their wants and needs, can remove much of the clutter that could possibly cause some trip-ups that were never meant to be inevitable.

Communication is a fundamental foundation to a successful friendship, partnership, or romantic relationship. Even non-human species have a life dependent lean on communication through the clucks, crickets, and cries they use.  On a higher level, there is a needed and available bidirectional Divinely created communication plan set up for our relationship between God and us, which is prayer, through which we speak to Him, and what we often forget when it comes to Him, there is listening. What allows us humans, placed between the wild and the Wonders of the Heavens, to be exempt from communicating with each other?

Here’s why communication is paramount to relationships, based on some of its Greek root meanings. To communicate is to be ready and apt to socially maintain communion, which in Greek has been used synonymously with fellowship.  Communion or fellowship means being in participation or in partnership with others.  And, to communicate within a partnership is to make those around you, in the context of this topic the spouse of your dreams, a sharer in, not only your physical possessions, but also the impartation of what you freely give from who you are on the inside. The word impart stresses that the giver gives something precious to the recipient, as if part of the giver resides within what’s being shared.

There are many reasons, none to be ashamed of, why some find it difficult to communicate, but it is possible to do and to improve.  Additionally, it is extremely necessary. For, without it, intrudes the division touched upon earlier, causing consistent misunderstanding and conflict due to confusion, which is not of God since He is a God of order.  A perfect example of how powerful communication is, is seen in Genesis 11:1-9, which starts out in the first verse, “Now the whole world had one language and common speech.” This indicating everyone could communicate and understand each other. But, they began to take pride in themselves, cutting God out of their decisions, and started to build a tower to reach the heavens and make names for themselves that God did not want them to build.  In Genesis 11:6&7, God says as He sees what they are doing, “If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them. Come,… garble their speech so they won’t understand each other.”  In this scenario, God was not the enemy, but the loving guardian, keeping them from doing something non-beneficial to them.   As an example of how not communicating can cause division, as told to us in Genesis 11:8, they were scattered “…all over the earth and they stopped building…” A marriage, however, is something you want to keep building upon over your time together, and absolutely possible because God said that with communication, we can do anything! Think about how strong and powerful your marriage can be! This is a wonderful testament to the power of communication.

To achieve this as much as you can, there needs to be a willingness to discuss anything, even the difficult things, by allowing your mate to express their feelings, thoughts, and mistakes, without judgment or interruption, because it’s your turn to listen.  Listen with your heart, not just your ears, but with a genuine desire to understand. Your future mate will want to truly feel like their feelings and concerns matter to you.  At your opportunity to express, your willingness to set aside your own fears or hesitations will need to be exercised so you can share your feelings, thoughts, and needs in a peaceful loving and kind way.  As I, myself, had to learn years ago as I began my walk with Christ, you have the right to speak the truth in love. Proverbs 15:1 reminds us, because “A gentle answer deflects anger, but harsh words make tempers flare.”  Then, you will be ready to plan, problem solve, and make progress through whatever it is the two of you face or endeavor to accomplish!


Yes! I promised you FIVE tips, but you only read two and a half in Part I! So…

Read the rest in 5 Tips on Readying Yourself for Marriage – Part II!


Lukeisha H. CarrLove you with the Love of God!

LuKeisha Carr Ministries International

Use Your VIP Status

VIPAs a child, I was quite shy and quiet. I remember when I was about 8 years old, my mother asked me to make a phone call to the pizzeria to order dinner.  And, the tears started to roll as they simultaneously exited my little body along with fears!  I was terrified. The outcome was not as painful as I thought it would be.  Realizing it was my first time making such a call, my mother guided me through it. And, throughout my growing up into young adulthood, though improving, my quietness stuck with me for the most part.  In the effort to avoid conflict, I often times (not “always”) suppressed what bothered me, or remained silent about what I thought I didn’t have the power to change.  There’s nothing wrong with being reserved and quiet.  But, there are times assertiveness serves a great advantage, pushing aside the anxiety of what we fear, to use our voice to say what needs to be said.  Because when we surrender, in an untimely manor, unto silence in attempts to avoid conflict, it begins a wage of war within us, as we continue to watch the status quo flow. Understand that your voice matters because it is a gift. It is time to use your VIP status.

“There are, it may be, so many kinds of voices in the world, and none of them is without signification.” 1 Corinthians 14:10 KJV

Paul is talking about spiritual gifts. Interestingly, the gift he encouraged the most was that of Prophecy, which is speaking or uttering of, as 1 Corinthians 14:3 KJV says “But he that prophesieth speaketh unto men to edification, and exhortation, and comfort.” You think you don’t have it, think again after reading, Acts 2:17 NIV, “ ‘In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.”  What have you been envisioning that could make a positive impact? What dreams has God given you that you have not yet brought into manifestation?

The story I shared about myself is extremely innocent and uninteresting, though such an experience can ultimately affect how one uses or suppresses their voice. But there are many others out there whose voices have been silenced by way of truncated thoughts, viced voices or stifled speech (by those who refuse to listen to reason), the minimizing “me” malady (by you, yourself, who don’t believe you have anything to offer), and failure freeze (by you, yourself, who are afraid you may make mistakes).  What would happen if you reclaimed the power you think you don’t have?  What would you do if you knew you could move mountains?  How would it make you feel if you could be the voice of those whose voices were once taken away?  You can discover this as you begin to use your VIP status.

The renowned actress, Gabrielle Union wrote a news article, in which she shares her own story about having been raped 24 years ago, and speaks of her more recent joining the cast of the movie “The Birth of a Nation”, she says, “I took this role because I related to the experience. I also wanted to give a voice to my character, who remains silent throughout the film. In her silence, she represents countless black women who have been and continue to be violated. Women without a voice, without power.” Or, so they perceive… because it simply takes a choice to use their voice, a decision to use their VIP status.

I’ve met fellas, blessed men, God has placed on earth to walk out their Kingdom inheritance, who won’t speak for themselves, allowing others to speak for them. Men of God, how would it shift your life to reposition and stir up the potential within you that’s in line with the Will of God?  Another lady I’ve worked with in the past, who was unusually quiet in a context in which I knew she was equipped, empowered, and expected to voice what God placed on her heart, but come to find out later, she was filled with fear because she had been oppressed via forms of abuse as she grew up. So she was now too afraid to say much of anything.  Let me tell you something… it doesn’t matter who tried to steal your voice, you can begin to use your VIP status anyway.

You probably have been asking, “what do you mean by VIP status, Lukeisha?”   VIP is Voice Initiating Power, and you have it.  One of the meanings of the word voice in Greek is to “make manifest”.  In Hebrew the word voice can represent the “thing that is spoken even if it’s written down”; giving you benefits that enables you to, first, though not in order of importance, Shift the Atmosphere.

Shift the Atmosphere
Even if you aren’t called to church ministry, you as a child of God can still be a messenger of good for God in your home, community, city, state, country or abroad.  Change comes by, according to God’s will, speaking against what is not right and speaking up for what’s going well to keep it going. Take Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., for example; without his voice, many people would not allow themselves to have hope for what seemed impossible and to pursue dreams that were outside of the context of their reality. For, without a voice, innocent children in the womb would have no one to speak up for their little lives.   Jesus, who is The Word, has been impacting the world before time with His Word as He spoke things into existence, and continuous love and salvation into our lives.  A young lady, in her teenage years, Malala Yousafzai, is currently arising, encouraging others to make a ripple in world waters to begin to move what’s stale and stagnant and usher in that which is refreshed and renewed.  Anyone who we’ve seen that have made significant differences in the world spoke those changes forth, they spoke words that “…calls into existence things that don’t yet exist” (Romans 4:17 ISV).  Every time you use your voice, and your words align with the heart and the will of God, mountains can be moved, giving you the ability to Block and Unlock.

Block & Unlock
Per a portion of the definition of the Greek word, voice means “to be brought forth into light”.  I was watching the movie In the Heart of the Sea, and heard a statement that stuck with me ever since; “The devil loves unspoken secrets; especially those that fester in one’s soul.”  In my coaching sessions, I often encourage my clients to embrace God’s grace by releasing the guilt or shame that accompanies experiences that we often just don’t want to talk about.  Revelation 12:11 shows that “…they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.”  This was referring to that which I jokingly call, Gospel Gossip, they Spread the Word, of what they had seen and experienced, and the wonders Jesus did to give them breakthrough in the midst of the pains to be delivered, unlocking heavenly strength and blocking out worldly strife.

There is a time for everything, as said to us in Ecclesiastes 3:7 “…There is a time to be silent and a time to speak.”  In those times to speak, however, many do not.  In those times, it is a ploy of the enemy attempting to silence the truth, telling you “shut up, you have nothing to say, no one wants to listen to you, etc.”; and why? Because the truth will set you free, and you’ll no longer be under misguided and ungodly control, nor will you be bound by the perceived limitations of experiences and circumstances.  Though we must be cautious who we tell what to and how, James 5:16 says “Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.”  Take this moment to consider that prayer is… voiced, whether it is written or spoken.  Prayerlessness is the enemy’s attempt to silence you, to remove you from your power.  Your VIP status provides the ability to block him, his assignments, and unlock your freedom, enabling you to Stand in Significance.

Stand in Significance
You don’t have to be a professional speaker to have significance. Your significance resides in the fact that God didn’t create you to shelve you, but to use you.  As you invoke your VIP status, you can begin to call forth your significance as you voice initiative that will begin to close the gap between you and your next opportunity at your job.  At home, you will be able to silence the bellows that scream at you to silence of your expression as you begin to voice initiative to be all you’re created to be.  You can call forth your significance as you voice initiative over your secret inner critic, allowing you to block the self-doubt, and unlock healthy levels of self-clout.   For, your voice is not without significance, but a conduit of moving into more that God has in store.

Where was the last place you truly heard your voice? When was the last time you were geared up to call forth a long overdue nourishment and cultivation of the environment you’re in?  When was the last time you felt your voice mattered?  Using your God given, Holy Spirit induced, Voice Initiating Power (VIP), the purpose you have been looking for can be revealed as you call forth the importance of your existence, which is to add flavor to your assigned parts of this tasteless world, as in Matthew 5:15 as Jesus says “You are the salt of the earth…”  For,

One vision, one dream, one voice… can initiate freedom.
One vision, one dream, one voice… can initiate hope.
One vision, one dream, one voice… can initiate comfort.


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Lukeisha CarrLove you with the Love of God!

Lukeisha Carr, BCACLC

Your Biblical Life Coach, Coaching you to Live Your Abundant Life in Christ!

Unlock Your Potential to Make a Difference

Unlock your potential resized 436x245“Then the Lord said to him, ‘What is that in your hand?’ ‘A staff,’ he replied. The Lord said, ‘Throw it on the ground. Moses threw it on the ground and it became a snake, and he ran from it. Then the Lord said to him, ‘Reach out your hand and take it by the tail.’ So Moses reached out and took hold of the snake and it turned back into a staff in his hand.” Exodus 4:2-4 NIV

In this text, Moses didn’t believe he could make a difference in his people’s lives back in Egypt. He didn’t think he had what it took, and that’s what transpired this dialog between him and The Lord. But God essentially told him to go and use what he had, and His power would make the difference in helping him to make a difference! This can also happen for you too, in your community, family circumstances, work team dynamics, etc. with exactly what you have in your hand!  So like God asked Moses, allow Him to ask you, “What is that in your hand?”  And then, consider these questions…

  • Believe… you’ve been blessed to be a blessing, even if it has nothing to do with money! What do you do well through which you can bless someone else?
  • How can someone who needs to feel needed and valuable help you in an area in which they are more talented than you? For example, someone who has been feeling down on themselves & needs to feel useful, is very organized, where on the contrary you leave everything where you lay it down. What can you do to help this person feel empowered?
  • You may be in a tough circumstance, one wherein for example, with a family member or friend that you think you can do nothing to help, and it’s been making you feel useless. In what ways can you, instead of considering how to “fix” the situation, use what you’ve got to make them feel more loved, more comfortable, less fearful, etc. even if it’s making them their favorite home cooked meal, for example?

I invite you to explore yourself and any situation you’re dealing with in the context of these questions to find proof of your potential to make a difference. Please feel welcome to share what you come up with by commenting below; for that’s another chance to make a difference because it may bless someone else!

God sees the best in you! I see the best in you! May you begin to see it too!

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Love you all with the Love of God!

Lukeisha Carr, BCACLC

Your Biblical Life Coach, Coaching you to Live Your Abundant Life in Christ!