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Happy, Healthy New Year, Beloved! Welcome to Episode 32 Where you’re about to discover…

  • How you can Focus on a never ending hope that you or your loved one can win the battle going on in your body!
  • Why even if you’re at a point, believing you’ve tried everything, and it seems there’s nothing else available to do, you’re about to see you do have more options!
  • That you truly have the control you’ve been thinking you don’t have in contributing to bring your healing about!

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Prayer for the 7 Churches

Prayer for the 7 ChurchesOver the last seven weeks, as directed by The Lord about a week or two before that, I’ve been guiding those of you who have been listening, through an 8-week (Pod)Casting Potential series called Spiritual House Spring Cleaning.  This series has been to help you clear and breakdown any blockages, within your own spiritual houses, that could possibly delay or distract you from grasping all the great new things God has planned for you in this season of your life.  About five weeks into the series, God showed me the burden on His heart through the Letters to the Seven Churches in Revelations chapters 2 & 3.  And, I was reminded of Haggai 1:4, “You people think the right time has come for you to live in nice houses. You live in houses with beautiful wooden paneling on the walls, but the Lord’s house is still in ruins.”

So, since about two weeks ago, I’ve been praying a cleansing prayer, based off of the Letters to the Seven Churches, nightly for all churches around the world. I’m posting this not to toot my own horn, but to ask for more Church leaders, prayer warriors, and intercessors to join with me, to generate greater power via unified prayer to bring forth a shift in what The Lord is seeking to do in this time for His Houses that are to be Houses of Worship & Houses of Prayer.

See the prayer below.  I appreciate all of you who pray this prayer along with me for Five nights, from the post date of this post, and any of you who periodically pray it subsequently.

May God Bless you mightily for your obedience and for your heart for the Temples of God and the Body of Christ!


Please pray the prayer straight through as if you’re praying it all for all churches.  The subtitles are only there to indicate the Churches that Jesus was talking to as I was writing the prayer.

For those like Ephesus:
Lord Jesus, assist us to do good works and never weary, to have perseverance and endurance for the hardships. Give us strength, Lord to stand against & resist the lures of the wicked. Draw us nearer to You, Lord so that we may love You with all our hearts, minds, & souls as we once first did.  Burn away all things not of You with Your (spiritual not natural) Consuming Purifying Fire, sanctifying the atmospheres around us & in us, so that we may be given the right to eat from the tree of life in the paradise of God.

For those like Smyrna:
God, You’ve seen & are seeing the evil we are suffering, please give us power, protection, and faithfulness to overcome, even to the point of death, that we may gain the crown of life & avoid all effects of the 2nd death.

For those like Pergamum:
We desire to remain true to Your name, Lord Jesus, to always maintain & grow in faith in You. Father give us wisdom, knowledge, understanding, & strategy to reject the spirits & teachings of Balaam, Balak, & the Nicolaitans. Make us over, Lord, so we may overcome to receive some of the hidden manna & white stones with new names written on them.

For those like Thyatira:
Regarding the good deeds, love, faith, service, and perseverance we seek Your provision, Lord, to enable us to carry on so that we can go forth in doing more than we did at first. Give us the power, heart’s desire, self-control, to drive out, force out, cast out, & bind the spirit of jezebel & all the teachings that misleads Your servants into sexual immorality and the eating of food sacrificed to idols. Please help us, Oh God, to do all of this so we can be repaid for good deeds and gain authority over the nations & the morning star.

For those like Sardis:
Oh our Savior Jesus Christ, who came to give us abundant life, we cast off the reputation of being alive, but are actually dead! I drive out, force out, cast out & bind the spirit of Ichabod, In Jesus Name! Help us to wake up, Oh Sovereign One, & strengthen what remains & is about to die! May we be able to complete our good deeds in Your sight! We long to never have our names blotted out of the book of life & to have our names acknowledged before You Father God, and Your angels.

For those like Philadelphia:
Lord Jesus, what You open no man can shut, and what You shut, no one can open! Thank You for seeing our deeds, and we ask you to help us to continue, so that we can walk through the open doors that You place before us that no one can shut. Infill us, Holy Spirit, indwell in us that we may have added strength, to remove our weariness. May we keep Your Word forever, and never deny Your Name, Jesus. Cause our enemies to see Your Glory, and as a result, come & fall at our feet to be at peace with us, seeing that You have loved us. As we keep Your commands patiently, keep us from the hour of trial, that we may hold on to all that is of You, Oh Lord, overcome and be made pillars in the temple of God.

For those like Laodicea:
Douse Your Living Water on us, Oh God, wake us up! So, that we are no longer neither hot nor cold. Turn our eyes away from the wealth of the world towards the true riches & glory of Christ Jesus. Help us to never ignore Your knocking at the doors of our hearts but instead to let You in, that we may sup with You, overcome, and gain the right to sit with You, Lord, on Your throne.

For everything, Oh Lord, for anything & everything, that we could have possibly wrongly done, including our hidden faults, please give us a heart’s desire to truly & everlastingly repent. Help us all to humble ourselves & pray, and turn from our wicked ways, so that all that is in the Houses of God & in and around the Body of Christ is healed, body, spirit, & soul.

In Jesus Name. Amen.


Thank you!


Lukeisha H. CarrLove you with the Love of God!

Lukeisha Carr, BCACLC

Your Biblical Life Coach, Coaching you to Live Your Abundant Life in Christ!


Prayer: Comfort and Healing for Charleston SC

Someday the World will Oporate covered in a Colorblind Love436x245

Though it’s happening slower than we thought in light of some recent racially divided events, let us dare to believe that in the Oneness of God, the world will someday soon operate under a covering of colorblind love. We are all people. We all contain red blood. We all require oxygen. We all need love.

Lord, Jehovah Raphe, God our Healer, the families, the congregation, and the fellow residents of Charleston SC, of those lost and hurt in the tragic incident at Emanuel AME church, from the depths of their souls are crying out to You, who reaches out from the depths of Your powerful love to the depths of their pain. As they reach out to You for help, may they strongly sense and know that You hear their cries! Lord, thank You for being close to the brokenhearted and saving those crushed in spirit. May each and every one who were affected by this tragedy exponentially feel Your comfort in their sorrow; Your peace, that only You can give Lord Jesus, in the midst of chaos; and most of all may they experience Your love that reaches endlessly high and low, and everlastingly wide from side to side, as they stand in the face of hate. We ask, Father God, that Your Righteous Right Hand hold them up in spite of their weary hearts, transforming their grief to joy as they are healed. Strengthen them Lord, so they can just stand in this darkness of evil that has touched their lives so intimately. May You be their Strong Tower, their refuge, as they go forward in their healing process; keeping them safe from further hurt, harm, or danger.

Thank You, Almighty and Sovereign God. We leave everything in Your capable and loving hands.

In Jesus’ Name.



Prayer for Our Spiritual Leaders

The Lord impressed upon me one morning to write out this prayer, as well as to pray it, for our spiritual leaders who bear, like the Old Testament priests who wore heavy priestly garments adorned with stones upon the shoulders representing, the burdens of their people. Often we fail to remember our leaders in prayer. However, our pastors, priests, teachers, prophets, apostles, intercessors, elders, deacons, ministers of music, etc. bear their own personal burdens that many others aren’t privy to, and so they too need to be covered. The Lord Jesus’ power is more than enough but we are called to encourage and intercede for each other, because regardless of the hierarchical placement of our positions, we are all still… simply human.

So, in the spirit of unity and power of prayer in agreement, I ask you, at the sight of my words and ongoing, join me in this prayer for every man and woman of God in Jesus Christ, who’s been chosen to oversee our spiritual health and well-being.

Jehovah Tsidkenu, God our Righteousness; Jehovah Raphe, God our Healer,

We look unto you this day for guidance and strength for each and every spiritual leader you have placed over our lives. There is a weariness setting in that we dismantle, dispel, and disengage at this very moment! For they shall walk and not faint, they shall run and not stumble! We stand with You, and in obedience to You, Lord Jesus, in lifting up our leaders. We ask You, Oh Sovereign Lord, to send more Holy Spirit filled and led people to uphold their arms, as did Aaron and Hur for Moses, as our pastors and leaders fight in the spirit for all of us, helping us to claim the victory You’ve already won! By the power and authority You give us Lord Jesus, we stomp on the head of the spirit heaviness; trample any spirits of despair and cancel assignments of suicide! We come against any hexes, vexes, witchcraft & curses sent out against them! We call forth the strength in them that they can only get from You, Lord, our Strong Tower! We call forth unto them the garment of lasting and genuine praise from the belly of their souls! We call forth in Your leaders, Father God, the mind of Christ! We call forth in them new fresh vision and revelation that maintains restraint, invokes healing, and ushers in restored life for them as well as for the remnants you’ve placed under their auspices! May Your chosen ones, Oh God, the shepherds of Your sheep be covered by the Blood of Jesus; surrounded by Your consuming fire that will burn up any demonic attacks against them or their families, for no weapon formed against them shall be able to prosper!

We give You all the glory right now Magnificent & Mighty God! You deserve all the honor for what is already declared and decreed by the breath of Your mouth and therefore it is finished! It shall manifest in the natural, for Your Word, Oh Lord, shall not return void!

In Jesus’, our Lord and Savior, Great and Holy Name.


Prayer: East Harlem Explosion Victims

Father in Heaven,

We come, bowed down before You in Your Majestic Presence, praying for all affected by the tragic explosion in East Harlem, NY.  Thank you, Lord for your mercy upon the souls of those who were taken from us in this incident.  Please permeate their family & loved ones with peace, comfort, & healing in this time of loss.  We also ask, that You seek out those who are missing and reunite them with those who love them, and fully mend all who have been injured in every area of body, mind, & spirit.  You, Oh God, are a God of restoration, and we walk in expectation that you will restore all necessities of living this explosion took from the residents of the buildings. And, finally, but not least, we thank you for Your servants of helping and saving hands through which You often work.  Please continue to protect & provide them the needed strength to continue doing good works.

Thank you, All Mighty God, for your mercy grace and unending love.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Prayer for Oklahoma

Prayer for Oklahoma
Jehovah Jireh, Lord of All, Lord of Endless Mercy,

We come to You, in unity on one accord, on this day asking, while we mourn with those who mourn, that You send forth Your protection to those in Oklahoma affected by the tornado. Cover them all under Your mighty wings. Remind them that You, Oh Powerful God, are their shield and rampart; that You Oh God are their fortress.

Please heal, Jehovah Rapha, the broken hearts, and the wounded bodies. Send them comfort and peace in the midst of their worries, Most Compassionate God, that You will restore them, and protect them all from any further damage and heartache.
Thank You, Great God, for all who survived, and for all who assist in various ways. Please continue to work through Your Blessed servants to bring forth good out of this tragedy.

Through Jesus The Christ.


Boston Marathon Prayer

Merciful Heavenly Father God,

We ask, Oh Sovereign Lord, that You comfort and send forth Your Word to heal those who lost loved ones, and all who were injured in the tragic and senseless bombings at the Boston Marathon on, April 16, 2013. Jehovah Salom, we know that You are love and possess a peace that surpasses all understanding. Please send abundant love and peace to the family who lost their 8 year old son. We know, Oh Merciful and Compassionate God, that this little boy is now in Your arms.

You are a God of love and justice. We know that we can never know Your full plans and purpose, and so we will not worry because You are excellent in all Your ways.  We ask that those who need help in forgiving will receive all they need from You in this situation, so they can begin their personal soul healing.

Thank You for preventing further harm amongst the thousands who were able to go home without injury. Thank You, Lord, for the gracious hearts who extended their hands, talents, and services to help all in need. And, thank You for Your everlasting presence in our lives.

We mourn with those who mourn, knowing we have a Solid Foundation of Hope in Jesus. We continue in faith, Great and Glorious God, because You are on Your throne in heaven, from where You heal and restore all who were affected by this event.

In the Blessed and Powerful name of Jesus The Christ.