Despite That, Deliver Your Gift

“…His mother Mary had been promised to Joseph in marriage. But before they were married, Mary realized that she was pregnant by the Holy Spirit.” Matthew 1:18 GWT

You have something special you are carrying, a treasure inside planted in you by God.  Your current or past circumstances are not a criteria to be qualified to have wonderful dreams and possibilities in life to be entrusted to you.  Mary, Jesus’ mother, had a struggling life, growing up back then in what was equivalent to a low income town; a place where she and John may have needed to work an extra one or two jobs besides their main job to make ends meet.  Mary’s intellectual level or her ability to achieve any one thing extraordinarily well wasn’t a requirement either.  God saw the best of who she was, and entrusted her to deliver the Living Word to all the world.

Unfortunately, though, the favor of God doesn’t always halt the unfairness you experience in life.  The greatest part is, however, unfair experiences cannot stop God’s plan for your life!  Imagine how Mary was treated.  No one else knew what the Angel of the Lord had whispered in her ear as he told her she was highly favored, chosen to bring the Savior to the world.  Even if others were told, they more than likely believed her to be a liar.  No one else knew that she didn’t really betray her husband to be, so they called her a heathen or a harlot; possibly drawing unwanted advances from ungodly people.  Think of how she must have felt at times; like a single rose in the midst of a dry desert where everyone saw past her intrinsic beauty to only perceive that which was dry all around her.

Mary could have allowed the treatment from others back her into a cage, where she felt the need to retaliate every insult, lash back at every betrayal by friends or family members that left her standing alone.  And at the very risk of aborting what was planted in her, she could have chosen to wrestle and tussle to defend herself. But, she kept her integrity, because she knew that she did not need to please people, but only God.  She ignored the comments from those who couldn’t see her through the eyes of God.  She listened to the guidance of The Lord who kept her away from those who refused to be midwives, but insisted, instead, on being a hindrance to the Gift she was about to birth.

You’ve been chosen too; to carry some wonderful gift into this world. The unfair circumstances, past or present, may seem to eclipse that possibility, but remember, nothing is too hard for God!  You are greatly valued by Him, and although, God being Sovereign doesn’t need anyone else to do His work, He chose you to do a part in this world.  Don’t focus on the negativity that oozes out from the wounds of others.  And, cap off the permeation of the infection of your own wounds by not focusing on your problems.  Never give up on yourself.  Keep your eyes on God.  Focus on His promises and the wonderful things He wants to do in your life.  Trust Him because He is faithful to help you dodge and circumvent all that may be thrown in your path to ensure you bring forth the plans He has for you.  “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, Who does not change like shifting shadows” (James 1:17 NIV), so if He gifted Mary and brought her through to deliver her gift, He’ll do it for you too!

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