Elements of Sincere Praise that Releases Elation

In the myriad of attempts to search for happiness, there’s one way that can cause it to unpretentiously arise that’s often forgotten. It’s a way that circumvents personal inner conflicts with reliable stabilization, as it focuses wandering thoughts towards a celebratory state in the midst of circumstances that tends to jut and dip levels of happiness relative to what’s happening.  That way is to jovially commend the Sovereign Source from whom consistent comfort, bringing peace, in knowing that His Love is incredibly enduring in an unmatchable way that we could never experience human to human. The Lord has such blessed ways in showing us that love, even if we cannot tangibly touch or see Him. It’s a love that undoubtedly deserves to be reciprocated, but in our imperfection, we will never be to match. Yet, Our Father in Heaven doesn’t expect out of the box perfection. He simply longs for our affection, our acknowledgement, our appreciation in the way that our dedicated hearts minds and souls can give, from the level of our humanity.

Having never really thought about what sincere praise comprises of, one morning during my daily devotional time, I sat and read through Psalms chapters 146-150. They’re very short chapters, but ones that are tall on how one who was a man after God’s own heart, gave God his heart through praise and worship, even as he was going through some of his toughest times. I saw that there are elements of sincere praise that makes way for us to become elated despite what we may be going through. And, thus periodically what I like to remind myself of, and now remind you too, is that no matter how bad things get, God is always good!

It is in the embrace within a space; an embrace within a cocoon place; an embrace within what, at times, you may not want to face, that the elements of Deep Heartfelt Sincere Praise arises and blooms from the element of Remembering the Goodness The Lord has Done, both in the past and in the present that proves He is who He says He is and He does what He says He will do. Planted securely is the element of Gratefulness for what you know, outside of the Presence of God, could’ve never be done with the help of anyone else. It’s mixed in with the element of being Life Long, with No Expiration Date, in that praise lifted up to Him has no end of season, but a plethora of reason, showing you are faithful. The element of Trust in The Lord & Not People makes way for you to not focus on the problem or challenge at hand, and to not be dismayed at the fallibility of people, because you look to the Infallible God who can pull you through. It is with this element that allows you to give God something, for Him to show you that you’ve got this because He has you!

To reflect the knowledge of God’s Omnipresence is to praise Him with an element of No Matter Where You Are, because He’s always there, whether you’re on a mountaintop or in the valley; in the heights of the sky or from the depth of the sea; maybe somewhere in between; even when gearing up to fight a battle. Sincere praise has a contagiously healthy element of Inviting Others to bring forth the element of Giving God All the Glory, for your, or their own, story. And, what I love about this, is you each can praise Him with an element of Authenticity in Praise that Best Fits You: singing, dancing, even through art showcasing God’s Greatness, or simply your willing spirit to walk with His Spirit. Including the element to Praise Him Out Loud without Shame!

Each one of these elements of sincere praise is a seed; a seed that when planted begins to grow elation, no matter the status of your circumstances. Elation brings Elevation as you are Lifted Up as you lift God up. Yet, in doing so, your Elevation in Him also Securely Anchors you in being confident in God’s everlasting dependable nature. Rejoicing in God is giving Him a Joy that ensures Joy is Returned, knowing you are secured, with your heartfelt praise, that You Are Victorious in Him. And, there is no greater joy than being Enlightened with The Lord’s Pure Love. It’s in fully immersing yourself in pleasing God that you’ll find pleasure from doing what is pleasurable. As much as it seems a pressure to be righteous, your offering of elements of sincere praise, ushers in God’s mercy and grace in that He Judges Not on Strength or Performance but Delights in You as you respect and hope in His unfailing love, believing that as your heart is set after His, you can please God with your faith.

Your celebration of Him with the elements of sincere praise, reaps elation from Blessings of The Lord’s Faithfulness Forever. When you are in a weak place, exhilaration results from His Gathering All You Need to Build You Up. In submitting sincere praise, especially in the midst of uncertain circumstances, you can Rest Strengthened in His Unlimited Power & Understanding of everything, including what you don’t know. So what you do know, is that it “will” work in your favor! This further elates you as it Relieves Stress & Makes Way for Peace, as your planting of elements of sincere praise blooms Divine Defense as your Protector & Provider. For, releasing elements of sincere praise, causes Jehovah Raphe, God Our Healer, to Heal and Care for You Body, Spirit, and Soul.

Like a fruitful farmer, your planting of elements of praise doesn’t only feed & nurture you, but the Blessings of God Overflows Upon Others within the Realm of Your Influence Too. And, though you plant those seeds of sincere praise, you may not see the workings of their transformation, or know when they’ll bloom, but The Lord’s Word is Swift, and Will Not Delay, and perform what it was sent to do right on time. In this beloved, praise shows you a dependable source upon whom, using you as His hands & feet, God Prepares You for Purpose, to bring to Earth as things are in Heaven.

It is with a combination of these Elements of Sincere Praise, overflowing from the praise of our lips, originating from the well of our hearts, that sets the stage for standing ovation to Worship The Almighty God. It easily makes way for an encore that unleashes the beneficial cycle of sowing these elements, and reaping elation indicating that once we know He did it before, we’ll know He’ll do it again, and again we’ll praise. Growing and growing, it’s an elation that goes on to produce inspiration, and enthusiasm within, because genuine praise, at times given in advance of answered prayer, communicates to The Father the mark of Faith, and to others, a witness to Belief. Beloved of God… Blessed are they who believe what The Lord has said!


Spread your joy, giving God all the praise!

~~ What is your favorite way to praise The Lord?

~~ How has our Great God prompted you to a praise break, even if only for a few minutes, in any given situation?


I look forward to hearing from you!

Lukeisha H. CarrLove You to Life!

LuKeisha Carr

LuKeisha Carr Ministries International, Inc.

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