Extracting What You’re Packing for Purpose

Wheat GrainThink for a minute, or more if you need to, and answer this question; are you really truly comfortable in your comfort zone? Or, do you sense the rest and best of your life is on the outside of the boundaries you’ve allowed to stay drawn around your potential? You know deep down inside that there’s more for you! And, that would make perfect sense because what you sense is that you’ve been encoded with some special purpose that you haven’t broken forth to step into yet in this season of your life. The next question is; are you willing to go through the process? The process that’s extracting what you’re packing for purpose.

Throughout Scripture, we see that we as humans have been referred to as seeds. Each of us as offspring of our parents is a seed. And, we carry seeds within us. Not just to bring forth more offspring, but we are also seeded with purpose. There is no human on this earth that was put here by God to sit on a shelf without assignments to do. We all have purpose; yes… even you! If we look at any type of tree, though it is born as a seed and reproduces seeds, its purpose has a reciprocal design to remove the carbon dioxide we exhale and push forth oxygen we inhale. There is more for it to do; its purpose is life sustaining.

But, just as a child is a seed whose physical purpose is to change into an adult, whatever your purpose is in this stage of life, requires a process of change too. To clarify purpose; you may not only have one purpose throughout your entire life, though some may be more prominent than others. Purpose can be seasonal, meaning it’s aligned with the next level or stage you are being directed to. For example, your most prominent goal, at any given time, may be as a mother or a father, a wife or a husband, a doctor or a lawyer, etc. or maybe a combination of many. These as well as many others requires a process of growth, of change, of transformation from what you are no longer to be into what you will be. For just as Jesus mentions in John 12:24 ESV, in regards to fulfilling His purpose; “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit.” In other words, you cannot fulfill your purpose if you remain encased as a seed.

You may be going through a stage in which your purpose is being extracted, and it doesn’t feel good… NOT AT ALL! This is the place you must stand your ground in faith to get through the process. You may feel like you’re buried, but when the devil tried it, God turned it around so you were planted!  There may be thoughts that there’s no way out. But guess what… seeds were made to be planted in the womb that would birth them forth by way of an exit they can’t yet see. The down pour of rain is not to overtake you, but to water you; an indication that you are ready to be shaped into who you were meant to be. It is helping you to be formed by Water formed. For Christ is the Living Water that quenches thirst in the dryness of being planted. He is the Water that takes on the appropriate form filling up any empty places. He is the Water that carries the oxygen when you think you can’t breathe. When it feels like your shell is getting too tight, He is the Water that causes you to burst forth with power into full bloom.

To become the best of who God made you to be, it’s necessary to break through the encasing of your comfort zone. The encasing of your comfort zone was only meant to function in seed form for a short time that would make way to a soon coming time for you to break through onto a new level. As God grows you to enter into a bigger place, don’t choose to be buried by insisting to use your encasing as a permanent protective shell. Plans made for your break through included Jesus having prayed for you, guarding you from being preyed upon. Therefore, He already had plans to stay by your side and see you to the next stage. Christ is the only encasing that would be best to stay in; as pointed out in John 15:5, “I am the vine; you are the branches. The one who remains in Me–and I in him–bears much fruit, because apart from Me you can accomplish nothing.” Jesus is the ultimate and only timeless transportation which moves you forward to any part of your destiny.

The late Maya Angelou once said, “We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.” The caterpillar, who as it is, spends its stage in a constant state of consuming leaves, eventually becomes encased in a cocoon. Before it becomes a butterfly, it is broken down into a liquid (sounds lonely & painful), only its essential elements remaining, to be built back up into a beautiful and free butterfly that performs its ultimate purpose, which is to pollinate flowers. At that stage, it becomes fruitful. And it knows that much of what was part of its past cannot go with it. When it emerges, it leaves the shell of what it once was behind. The desires and goals it once had as a caterpillar are forgotten, replaced with new endeavors ahead. Old experiences are left inside the cocoon. A butterfly’s purpose requires it to fly, but consider what would happen if it insisted on retaining its behavior to crawl everywhere. It has to let go of all that is useless and/or hinders its future. As you progress through your process, consider what things might keep you on the ground when you should be flying, or stuck in a stage that was only meant for planting. Let them go, and take up only what is fitting for where you’re headed.

Most of all, stay strong in the Lord through this transition. Don’t give up while your purpose is being extracted in the planted stage because your present pain doesn’t nullify your future. On the contrary, it’s preparing you for it. God didn’t bring you this far to leave you now. He’s with and for you every step of the way. Allow Him to fulfill the purpose He’s placed in you.  You are packed with beauty and greatness!  Stay in faith that because He spoke forth your existence into this earth, His Words of purpose for you will not return void. You can trust that He will finish the good works He’s started in you!

Prayer for Preparation for Purpose

Great God in Heaven, Your Word says to ask, and it will be given to me; to seek, and I will find; to knock and it will be opened to me. I believe it is Your Will, Father, that I come into the fullness of who You created me to be. So, I ask Lord that You help me to continuously rest in Your provision of peace and sustenance. I seek to find, all that I need to know, that’s rooted in Your Sovereign wisdom, to not only grow through my extraction of purpose process, but the wisdom to know what I need to do once it’s complete. You deserve all the honor and glory, Lord, for opening an entry way into Your presence any time I feel the need to knock. May Your Will be done in me.

Through Jesus’ Name, I pray. Amen.

If you would like to benefit from the power of unified prayer regarding some challenges you’re facing in your planting process, send a Prayer Request.  Feel free to only use your initials and include as little or much detail as makes you feel comfortable.  God bless you!

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