Formula to Grow Your Faith In God!

In episode 35 of (Pod)Casting Potential, discover how you can…

  • Drink your way to Heavenly promises the RIGHT way!
  • Be sure to achieve MORE with The Lord!
  • Position yourself to Successfully Soar!


And, after all of that, there’s more for you:

  1. Special Announcement: (Pod)Casting Potential Show Now in Syndication & Available for Subscription on Your Favorite Podcast App!
  2. Missed previous episodes? You can also conveniently listen to them right here: (Pod)Casting Potential
  3. To invoke the Power of Prayer in Unity, please go to my Prayer Request page, and I’ll be happy to stand in agreement with you!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Lukeisha H. Carr

Love You to Life!

Lukeisha Carr

LuKeisha Carr Ministries International, Inc.

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