It’s a Shift Made Room For Right

At times it seems the most difficult to recover from a broken heart as we are still staring at the broken pieces.  It’s only when we choose to look up and peer beyond them that we can see any hope to climb up and over the heap.  Now is that time!  The broken pieces of your heart is no longer at your feet or in your hands.  God has taken over and is ready to do the mending, if you let Him.

Forgive those who left you in your deepest time of need. It was a light shed upon the truth of their nature of choice which made room for another or others who can deliver on genuine faithfulness, love, & loyalty.   And, though it may seem as if life has fallen or is falling apart, it’s simply getting started to come together.  For, if God allowed you to come to it & He is going to bring you through it, because He has brought you too far to leave you now.  Get into your heart, into your spirit, that though they disappointed you, they could not stop you from moving forward, onward, upward, towards your destiny!  Activate your healing as you humble yourself before God, hold on to The Rock, staying prayerful and faithful, never being afraid to…

“… approach God’s throne of grace with Confidence, so that [you] may receive Mercy and find Grace to help [you] in [your] time of [ANY] need.” Hebrews 4:16 NIV

The spirit of heaviness is broken off of you now, as the Garment of Praise covers you, and a Joy washes over you because The Lord our God will never leave you, nor will He forsake you!  And, Yes, He hears your prayers! So, even if you haven’t yet seen how, believe it’s all working together for your good!  Greater is coming!  Walk in expectancy!

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