Just When You Least Expect It…

Open Doors…opportunity can be suddenly be placed in front of you! During what may seem like the most inopportune moment; a time which you’ve been praying you could get out of, or be released into a more ideal situation. But, you, child of God, are equipped with God-given gifts that cannot… and I repeat… cannot be suppressed! As a matter of fact, whatever your gifts are, both natural talents and spiritual gifts, Proverbs 18:16 NIV says “A gift opens the way and ushers the giver into the presence of the great.” In Genesis, God did exactly this for Joseph, shifting him from a tight situation into a palace! Joseph simply used the gifts God gave him when the opportunities presented themselves. Remember, if God did it back then, He can do it for you now! So, when the opportunity presents itself to you, know you can do it & Take It! For this breakthrough will be an initiating key! A key to more opened doors leading you to and through canals toward greater!

During this series of coming opportunities, it’s going to take persistent prayer for peaceful strength and clarity of direction, as well as a continuation of doing good to and for others; for that will be seeds sown that will sprout new levels of branches. All the while, keep in mind that the Lord’s timing is impeccable! Trust Him!

So, on today, I am believing God for you and your courageous active faith as you flourish towards all He has for you! Through Jesus’ Name, with great expectancy in a Great God, stretch out your hand and receive your blessings NOW!

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