Are You Ready?

LCMI’s (W.O.W.) Week Of Wisdom Bible Study 920x222

Now’s the Time of The Lord’s Favor, Beloved of God! Are You Ready?! 

Watch in this first episode of LCMI’s (W.O.W.) Week Of Wisdom Bible Study, why…

  • Despite what’s going on, YOU… CAN keep going!
  • You have fuel to uncover/discover your best, when you choose to invest!
  • And, in your assigned Divine Anointed & Appointed way, you can Make Life Changing Differences in the world, no matter who you are!

Are You Ready? To receive Eternal Increase & Abundance! This is not where “Less is More” makes sense, so to Get Ready, tune in for MORE!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Lukeisha H. Carr

Love You to Life!

Lukeisha Carr

LuKeisha Carr Ministries International, Inc.

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