Love as a Host in a Holy Ghost Town

Restored TownQuestions traipse through the trails of our minds often. I can’t image that one of them hasn’t been, even between us as a people, in professional relationships and in family ties, not just romantically, “why can’t we love each other?” In current events, love seems to be shaken out by everything that is often unrealized as an antithesis of its nature. Knowing that, as per John 13:34 NIV “…Love one another. As I have loved you…”, there’s a call on each of us to begin to realize that we are to forsake the embrace of what we so often hold so near, that which is fear. And free ourselves to open up to the vulnerability and receive what was been gifted to us; the purity of God’s love.

Love so pure, basic, the essence of who we are because of who we are, as children of the Most High God who is Love, yet it’s so often elusive, because often elusive is identity.  We seek for it over the rainbow, in the valley, in the darkness that envelopes the stars, in the brightness of the sun, at the ends of what’s to the left & to the right, yet so many miss it, though it is really right there. We don’t recognize it within ourselves for ourselves much less for others. As much practice as some of us embark upon we seek it in outside embraces, hopefully, though for some not always, from those with familiar faces. Searching, looking, hunting… true love rarely found, often leaving many with a heart like a ghost town.

Devoid, or waning low, of resources that keeps the economy of love flowing. A place abandoned by the mismanagement of giving our pearls to those who trample upon our treasure. Spaces pummeled by disasters uncontrollable by the power of our own accord, leaving the hollows of our hearts a ghost town.  Despite what may have caused the dry places, occupied only by the webs formed by no flow of movement, love can really fill our hearts. You only need to let love reign in your heart and be a host, as in your heart’s town, abides the One who is Love, the Holy Ghost.

Lord! Restore my heart! Turn it into a Holy Ghost town, sparking within me a love as A Host that…

Incites an Invite
Instead of protecting yourself, trying to lock out the negative possibilities that may come with vulnerability, shut out the apprehension and invite in belief that truth, kindness, and support will win.   Galatians 5:6 tells us that “…faith expresses itself through love.” Loving someone sincerely makes you want to take a chance in spite of the probability of pain. Inviting others into your inner safe place, and them inviting you into theirs.  It takes faith to believe that what was stolen from the stores of your soul can be replaced, and will not once again be taken.  It takes faith to believe that what you give away will be replenished, even if not always via a like reciprocation, but absolutely through Divine provision. It takes faith to believe that once starts the ebb and flow between each vessel of source, there will be seen more of who you privately are, and with the ability to accept attention, hang tight with you in peace and comfort.

Activates Attention
“…It is more blessed to give than to receive.”, Acts 20:35 NIV  Self-care is important but love is selfless. It’s an act to observe what the invited guest of your heart likes, and to be attentive that it is received.  I was joking with my cousin the other night about him and his wife, reminding him to not buy “her” any gifts “for himself”! The gift in giving is giving what the other actually wants and likes, not what benefits you.  Attention needs to be on those you want to gain or regain, retain and maintain a relationship with!

Paying attention to your friends’ hearts desires; to your co-worker’s, client’s, or employee’s endeavors; or to the aspirations of your next door neighbor who just migrated from another city state or country, can make all the difference.  It’s in allowing love to fill your heart and theirs by simply being interested, and willing to assist in any good way you can. There was a lady who worked in a job that she had already come to terms with the fact that God was about to shift her career choice.  She had accepted it, and was ready to move on to the next exciting phase of her life. Interestingly, her manager who was just her manager within the organization for a few months, had thoughts on reorganizing the functions of the department the lady worked in. Her manager, not having asked for the sake of listening to groom the woman into her best self, in the direction of her aspirations, decided a new position for her. It was a position that was no where in the line of the endeavors she felt God had placed on her heart to do. The manager’s consideration or curiosity for the woman’s goals was not there.  The autonomy of the woman had been attempted to be taken away, leaving her to fulfill the desires only of the manager’s needs. It created angst, frustration, low-moral and drained the woman’s joy until God released her from that job that would have steered her away from what He had planned for her.

Despite where one person is, love is to meet another where they are, and patiently encourage them along the path assigned to their lives. In the moment of the conversation and the carrying out of helpful offers, it’s to make the recipient feel like the focus is only on them. Yet, in the right partnership, relationship, friendship, there is a swaying in the flow of reciprocation that giving each other the attention, without vying over it, will keep conversations, and thus congregation, quite a delight.  For knowledge puffs up, but love builds up, and those around you should leave stronger in hope, honor, self-respect, and feeling safe.

Promotes Preservation
As others are invited to the homes of our hearts, with attention aligned away from seeking our own good, but towards seeking theirs, truth, trust, and preservation seals the deal. When others feel like they can trust you with their truth; when they can be sure you are one to preserve their aspirations, hopes, and safety with a steadfastness to refresh and replenish, it strengthens the relationship.

Love says, “Your past doesn’t scare me and if it threatens to creep into our present, I will fight it back ‘with’ you to protect our future.”

Love says, “Thank you for being open about the personal issues plaguing you at home. As your co-worker, I will handle what you shared with me with discretion, and do whatever I can to help take the pressure off of you until things get better.”

Love says, “Son (or Daughter), whatever must happen as a consequence of your actions, we will be here for you in the best ways we can.”

And, with all that love says, love actually does because it is an action word, not always around as something you feel, but always present in what you do. With love as a host in our hearts’ town filled with the Holy Ghost, we can begin shifting the dynamics of what we so often see around us in the realm of the microcosmic space we occupy in the world. There’s no party like a Holy Ghost party, for wherein He dwells, there is Love and Joy! Thus, in being inviting, attentive, and protective, towards others, love becomes contagious. Love becomes tangible. Love becomes fulfilling. And, love dwells within!

Remember, with God all things are possible, even where and when it seems like love is nearly impossible!

I would love to hear from you! Please leave a reply in response to the question(s)/statement(s) below:

  • What are some other ways you would like to see love increased in your work environment, school, community, or home?
  • How can you begin to practice at least one “new” way to add to the examples of love you already express?
  • Share some reasons you think might hinder someone from sharing love in these ways.


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