A Mending of the Heart

Mending the Flow of the Heart“Don’t let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, and trust also in Me[Jesus].” John 14:1

For quite a few decades, we’ve learned about and may have experienced, first hand, the consequences of poor heart health. Many technologies, medications, and cardiologists have found very effective ways to mend our physical broken hearts; those that malfunction due to hardening of the arteries. The most difficult heartbreak to piece back together is the spiritual heart that no human can touch. The one that can be shattered into pieces due to being fed betrayal resulting in withdrawing from life due to the pain of being unable to gather the shards back together again. The one in which the corridors of love are now narrowed and blocked by animosity towards your significant other who couldn’t resist the enticement lying on the beach, or your best friend who mishandled your deepest secret. Maybe you have shortness of breath because your heart no longer pumps as vigorously due to some sour experience that suffocated your passion, or something very precious was ripped away from you unexpectedly. Or, possibly you have a broken heart due to some of your own past mistakes. This heart, much like your physical heart, cannot be mended by your own hands; nor can it be seen without revelation and enlightenment. Unlike your physical heart, though, no other human on earth can fix it, but entrusting it to God and doing what is much harder to do without His Divine healing helps you to… Forgive. Only then can the sincere true love you so long for, you hunger for, and desire and, maybe subconsciously, thought was buried under the rubble of wrongs can be resurrected.

Unforgiveness makes your heart heavy with the hardness it creates, causing the flow of true love to slow or stop, just like poor eating can contribute to clogged arteries preventing blood flow. And as the blood slows or stops, so does the giving of the nutrients the rest of the body’s needs. What parts of you, and those who are an extension of you in your life, are suffering because they’re not getting what they need? Where in your life does the blockage need to be cleared away so your love, desire, and passion can recognizably flow again?

A few years ago, I was in this place. All my life I was a giving person, but there came a time when I grew tired of doing good. At this point, I had not found my way back to God, thus I thought I had to take the mistreatment against my kindness into my own hands to protect myself. Around 2006, I had decided that I would not invest as much time and generosity into others as I had previously. Why should I give to or do for people who’d only turn on me out of their ungratefulness and selfishness?! The hatred in my heart towards their wrongdoing began to block my love towards others in my life, both those who remained and new people who came. I was never going to allow another family member, friend, or significant other get anything of value from me again. The more I did that, the more my heart became heavy; the more alone I felt; the more I hurt; and the more angry I grew. I felt they all owed me something, and they wouldn’t get another thing from me until I got what they should give! But, sadly, as a result, I starved them… and myself. I was punishing innocent people, and myself for what others had done to me in the past. I had become a person I no longer recognized, nor liked very much, in that I began to only think of myself first, neglecting to see the needs of others. I had become very much like the people who hurt me. Ultimately, I learned that love engulfs pain, whereas inflicting pain due to your own only breeds more of it.

You see… blockage in the arteries of love builds up and hangs around when you hold onto something or someone lost or never gained but strongly desired, leaving you feeling like your blessings were stolen, blocked, missed, or swapped with a curse. These things can be an opportunity that was lost; a love interest that never manifested; maybe major plans that were interrupted by some unexpected life event; or a disappointing family tragedy causing wounds that never healed. Whatever it was for you, that someone else did, or even what you may have done and another couldn’t support, cannot rob you of the joy, freedom, and future God has for you. Release whatever or whomever it is that has you building up barriers to the flow of love, because whatever blocks the love from flowing out, also blocks it from flowing in.

You may be thinking, I don’t know how to let it go. Trust me… I know how you feel. And, I could not do it without God’s help and His direction through His Word. I could not do it without His unlimited understanding of His knowing how and why I felt the way I felt. Nor could I do it without His patient love that gently explained to me that, though for some things I had the right to be angry, I was handling it oh so incorrectly, and was slowly killing my spirit and that of those around me by way of a spiritual heart attack; for just as life is in the blood, so is life in love. I had to learn to Forgive. I had to stop punishing others, or expecting others to repay me. I had to let it go, while clinging to God’s coat and to His every word that taught me that…

Though you may grow weary of giving and doing good to only get shortchanged, put your hope in The Lord by praying for strength and guidance then keep going, for God will strengthen you and equip you to do what’s right in His eyes. Even without anyone else having seen the good you do, The Father knows, sees, and will bless you in ways you could never fathom. Proverbs 3:5 states “Trust in the LORD with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding.” Instead of attempting to take matters in your own hands the only way you may know how, even if it’s by using a form of passive punishment, leave it God; for vengeance upon others who hurt you is His. Your heart is too delicate to carry the heavy burden of anger towards others. Place it in God’s hands and ask Him in prayer to help you to handle these situations according to His Will, and to allow you to see how what they did cannot stop His great plans for you. And one truth that I still have to remind myself of today, is that though others’ mistreatment against you feels like they are rejecting and disapproving you, it often results as a mishandling of a painful wound within themselves that they most likely aren’t aware of. Lastly, you don’t have to protect your heart by yourself. Yes, you need to guard it by using discretion and discernment, but doing that with God’s help allows you to keep the corridors of your heart open while Christ guards your heart and mind, protecting and warning you against any potential harm before it gets too close.

Though you can feel free to pray as if you’re talking to God respectfully as a best friend and confidant, here’s a prayer to start you on your way…

Father God,

I know that You can do everything and that Your plans for my life are unstoppable, so no matter what has happened in the past, the blessings You have stored up for me are still available for me to grasp. Please forgive me for being unforgiving at times, and help me to forgive in every area of my life. Guide me with Your supernatural wisdom and understanding towards others, and in how to keep a loving heart in spite of future offenses that may come. I ask that You, Oh Lord, strengthen me in my inner spirit by Your power to share Your love generously and genuinely. Thank you God, for Your patient and everlasting love for me.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

The life you’ve been given is yours to live. Be determined to live & not go into hibernation due to past hurts. You are protected in The Lord’s arms. Rest in them! Because when in Christ, whatever comes against you cannot and will not win!

“May our Lord Jesus Christ Himself and God our Father, who loved us and by His grace gave us eternal encouragement and good hope, encourage your hearts and strengthen you in every good deed and word.” 2 Thessalonians 2:16,17 enabling you to… Forgive & Live life abundantly flowing in Joy, Peace, and Love!

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