Prayer: Comfort and Healing for Charleston SC

Someday the World will Oporate covered in a Colorblind Love436x245

Though it’s happening slower than we thought in light of some recent racially divided events, let us dare to believe that in the Oneness of God, the world will someday soon operate under a covering of colorblind love. We are all people. We all contain red blood. We all require oxygen. We all need love.

Lord, Jehovah Raphe, God our Healer, the families, the congregation, and the fellow residents of Charleston SC, of those lost and hurt in the tragic incident at Emanuel AME church, from the depths of their souls are crying out to You, who reaches out from the depths of Your powerful love to the depths of their pain. As they reach out to You for help, may they strongly sense and know that You hear their cries! Lord, thank You for being close to the brokenhearted and saving those crushed in spirit. May each and every one who were affected by this tragedy exponentially feel Your comfort in their sorrow; Your peace, that only You can give Lord Jesus, in the midst of chaos; and most of all may they experience Your love that reaches endlessly high and low, and everlastingly wide from side to side, as they stand in the face of hate. We ask, Father God, that Your Righteous Right Hand hold them up in spite of their weary hearts, transforming their grief to joy as they are healed. Strengthen them Lord, so they can just stand in this darkness of evil that has touched their lives so intimately. May You be their Strong Tower, their refuge, as they go forward in their healing process; keeping them safe from further hurt, harm, or danger.

Thank You, Almighty and Sovereign God. We leave everything in Your capable and loving hands.

In Jesus’ Name.



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