Prayer for Fruit of The Spirit – Self-Control

Holy God, through Jesus Name, please come into my space. Open my Spiritual ears to Your leading, and help me to accurately Discern, Your Sovereign Will and Ways, from ungodly chatter.

These are the areas of Self-Control I seek Your Help in:

[*****Insert which areas here*****]

Lord, Bind & destroy the power of the demons, that tend to take over these areas in my life. Fill me with Your Holy Spirit, so you can lead me to get to know you better, and to help me to get strong in my inner spirit man, so that no arid and dry places are left to cause my spirit to hunger and thirst.

Please guide me to be more self-aware so I can know and catch my triggers before they go too far for me to control. Also, please give me Your Holy leading to reveal to me what I may be doing that I need to change, to guard the gates to my spirit, and ensure that what entices my triggers cannot come back in.

Send forth Your Holy Angels to minister to me and help me battle that which I don’t have the strength to battle. And last but not least Holy God, lead me to how You’d like to use me to Bless someone else. For, I am grateful, and thank You in advance for the miraculous changes You’re about to do in my life.

In Jesus Name. Amen.

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