Prayer for Our Spiritual Leaders

The Lord impressed upon me one morning to write out this prayer, as well as to pray it, for our spiritual leaders who bear, like the Old Testament priests who wore heavy priestly garments adorned with stones upon the shoulders representing, the burdens of their people. Often we fail to remember our leaders in prayer. However, our pastors, priests, teachers, prophets, apostles, intercessors, elders, deacons, ministers of music, etc. bear their own personal burdens that many others aren’t privy to, and so they too need to be covered. The Lord Jesus’ power is more than enough but we are called to encourage and intercede for each other, because regardless of the hierarchical placement of our positions, we are all still… simply human.

So, in the spirit of unity and power of prayer in agreement, I ask you, at the sight of my words and ongoing, join me in this prayer for every man and woman of God in Jesus Christ, who’s been chosen to oversee our spiritual health and well-being.

Jehovah Tsidkenu, God our Righteousness; Jehovah Raphe, God our Healer,

We look unto you this day for guidance and strength for each and every spiritual leader you have placed over our lives. There is a weariness setting in that we dismantle, dispel, and disengage at this very moment! For they shall walk and not faint, they shall run and not stumble! We stand with You, and in obedience to You, Lord Jesus, in lifting up our leaders. We ask You, Oh Sovereign Lord, to send more Holy Spirit filled and led people to uphold their arms, as did Aaron and Hur for Moses, as our pastors and leaders fight in the spirit for all of us, helping us to claim the victory You’ve already won! By the power and authority You give us Lord Jesus, we stomp on the head of the spirit heaviness; trample any spirits of despair and cancel assignments of suicide! We come against any hexes, vexes, witchcraft & curses sent out against them! We call forth the strength in them that they can only get from You, Lord, our Strong Tower! We call forth unto them the garment of lasting and genuine praise from the belly of their souls! We call forth in Your leaders, Father God, the mind of Christ! We call forth in them new fresh vision and revelation that maintains restraint, invokes healing, and ushers in restored life for them as well as for the remnants you’ve placed under their auspices! May Your chosen ones, Oh God, the shepherds of Your sheep be covered by the Blood of Jesus; surrounded by Your consuming fire that will burn up any demonic attacks against them or their families, for no weapon formed against them shall be able to prosper!

We give You all the glory right now Magnificent & Mighty God! You deserve all the honor for what is already declared and decreed by the breath of Your mouth and therefore it is finished! It shall manifest in the natural, for Your Word, Oh Lord, shall not return void!

In Jesus’, our Lord and Savior, Great and Holy Name.


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