Priceless Artifact Being Restored

Transformation is taking place,

Moving you towards a Godly space,

Where you won’t want to do an about face.

Within yourself you are rising higher,

Wherein the best in you will transpire.

Though God’s miracles work best,

Through which many great blessings manifest,

This process also includes moments of correction

That are never intended for your rejection,

But as an inoculation ensuring your protection

Against the world’s injection of infection.

Effects of life that adhered to you has begun to be chipped away;

Some that is familiar you’ll desperately want to stay.

The pain of it may make you want to chase after what fell,

And salty waters will temporarily overflow from your internal well.

But soon you’ll began to realize the freedom of what is true,

As the exquisite essence of you

Begins to show through.

Understand and in faith be sure,

You have the strength to endure,

As the veil of what others expect to see,

All which is important to society,

Is ripped uncovering who you were truly meant to be.

For it is a necessary part of your destiny!

Metamorphosis is not meant to destroy,

But to bring you innately genuine and unending joy,

As God wants for His child, His baby girl, His baby boy!

Truly let go of the fight!

This is a journey back to delight,

Part of your Divinely inherited right,

Allowing you to walk transparently in the light!

Declare to yourself, “Before I was formed

For the day I would be born

Into a world that would try to redefine

My authentic design

Of the image and likeness in Kind

But was rescued to be refined

To display my original luster and shine.

I am created by the Divine!

I am one of a kind!

I was lost then found and restored

Now I am free

Of debris

That covered over me!

I am being Transformed!”

by Lukeisha Carr

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