Rise Above Uncertainty by Pull of an Upward Gaze

If you asked me a week ago if I trusted God, I would’ve told you a resounding, “Yes!” because of having experiences of His love and restoration; (see an overview briefly shared in this article: Personal Testimony: Lost & Stumbling, Found by a Solid Rock). But our faithful Father in heaven revealed something to me… that I didn’t trust Him in one area wherein I’ve been struggling recently. He reminded me of Rahab, whose story is told in the second chapter of Joshua. The woman who trusted and took a risk for God to help the Israelite spies.  She could have allowed her fear of what could happen if things didn’t work out stop her from rising above the situation at hand, which would have also blocked her from receiving a change in the trajectory of her life. She could’ve said no. She could’ve run and hid. She could’ve refused to do things the way she was instructed, struggled fought and wrestled against what God asked her to do through His messengers. What she did, however, was trust Him, believing that though this situation was new for her, nothing she’s ever experienced, containing lots of uncertainty, The Lord would be powerfully protective and faithful! Rahab didn’t allow her fear to fizzle her faith, and took a risk for God!

I’m sharing this with you today because when The Father revealed that I didn’t trust Him in a particular area of my life, I realized that we can easily often, without even being aware of doing it, compartmentalize our trust in Him. In our own understanding and in our own strength we insist on things looking and working out in a particular way. When in Truth, though things may not look to be working out the way we think it should, God is working in, through, and around us, in ways we may not be aware of nor could ever imagine. And it is going to work out according to His Will, which is always for the good of those who love Him.

Whatever faith fight you are in right now, stay prayerful in asking God what it is you need to surrender to Him in trust. Ask yourself and God:

  • “What am I longing for and insisting to happen so I can be [insert whatever it is for you: happy; joyful; at peace; accepted; loved; secure; etc.]?”
  • “What is driving my feelings actions and my life from a seat of frustration because it doesn’t seem to be happening when I think I need it, or because it’s not quite looking like what I need?”

Then allow God to show you His Truth and His faithful provision in the matter(s) by being patiently attentive, and humbly receptive, applying His guidance to your situation. For Isaiah 58:11 NLT says, “The LORD will guide you continually, giving you water when you are dry and restoring your strength. You will be like a well-watered garden, like an ever-flowing spring.” And, Psalm 23:1 NLT states that “The LORD is my shepherd; I have all that I need.” Having all that you need may not seem apparent now, but all that you need for the life God’s planned for you is already allocated in the Heavenly realms awaiting the right time to be released.  Simply seek all you need from The Father, and believe to receive it!


Look to Me

Look to Me, for
I AM the One who holds
all power to provide what you need
to fill the craving of that which you must feed.
I AM the One who holds
your living
for your giving.
I AM the One who holds
your love
cometh down as a dove.
I AM the One who holds
your dreams
though unaware of what they mean
will manifest bursting at the seams.
I AM the One who holds
your ideas
as you pursue them removing all your fears.
I AM the One who holds
the meaning of why you are here
so you can hold your life in Me dear.
I AM the One who holds
the faithfulness you seek
and will find, as you remain meek.
I AM the One who holds
the keys to your freedom
as you respect and live according to My Kingdom.
I AM the One who holds
the Love that I AM, which never fails,
though all else does, in Me you will prevail.
If there lies within you now, a brokenness, be forever sure it is that which I will suture
knowing that I AM God, the One who holds your hopeful future.
So, look not to anything else or another
on the level of your sister or your brother
but Look to Me, the Great I AM, for there is no other.

~~ By Lukeisha Carr

“Those who look to Him are radiant…” Psalm 34:5 NIV


May God Bless you in your advancement onward and upward as you keep in step with His Spirit, because though you may not see it yet: It’s all already turned for your good! It’s all already worked out! You are covered!

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