The Gift of Love


The opposite of Love (ugliness, hatefulness, spitefulness, violence, senseless arguing etc…) cannot get you the Love you so deeply seek; for it’s a product that is, by nature, weak.

Strive to Give Love Show Love Be Love, for it Thrives; bringing the Love you so desire into the Light, revealing its existence right before your eyes;

a love that is Sincere creating a pathway for the perfect Love that casts out fear.

Though seeing it may at times linger, remember Love is Patient & it has not gone. You will see it returned before too long.

Just keep your head up high, not to be boastful, but to the sky where lives The Most High,

who is Love & is Eternal & so Love Prevails, even on Earth, for it was Love Born on Christmas Day in Christ’s birth, making it faithful that Love Never Fails!

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