Translate Trouble into Treasure – Class 101

I just moved to another state, and noticed that my new apartment number is 101. When I looked at the number the first few times I’d enter the apartment, it kept jumping out at me. And, I repeatedly thought, this represents a class, an introductory class, to learn something new. And, I thought to myself, respectfully, “Ok God, now what?” The Father is always teaching us, molding us, and transforming us into all He’s created us to be. Unfortunately, that process rarely comes from GOOD times! Yet, so often we wait, wish, and wonder, “when is the bell going to ring, because these types of classes always give me TROUBLE!” To be totally transparent, I moved due to a stirring of trouble, just as a school of fish are forced to migrate from one area of the ocean to another at the first sign of troubled waters. Yet, always in season; always with sufficient provision on the other side; always with Divine protection to survive the journey to, and the habitation in, the destination. Trouble can be transportation that’s bound for an upward trajectory. But, here’s the thing, we must attend class, and pass the test to get promoted. Can I get an “A”… for Amen?!

Ponder, for a bit however, how can you handle something that never surfaces? Arising issues reveal what could make matters worse if never uncovered. It could make matters worse when it’s purposely covered up. It could infect the best parts of us unless it rises to the top and we skim it off, exposing the best of us without taint. This is necessary, especially, when in the place of destiny you’re bound to experience something similar. Especially, when in the place of destiny you’ll surely stumble & maybe fall if you aren’t prepared to handle that situation on a higher level. Especially, when in the place of destiny where, before arriving, you need to be loosed of what fastens you to the current level, so you can soar to the next.

That’s the wonder of what trouble can do for us, but consider what it could do for others who don’t yet have the connection to God as you have, enabling you to get through to the other side of victory. Someone I met, a man extremely anointed, but had no sense of calling, no sense of purpose, no sense of passion, all because of his thinking God was out to torture or punish him. He allowed the troubles he experienced over his life to translate into tragedy instead of seeking God and allowing Him to use the trouble in the man’s life to turn it all into triumph for both himself and others. It explains to us in 2 Corinthians‬ ‭1:3-4‬ ‭KJV that “Blessed be God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, and the God of all comfort; Who comforteth us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God.”‬‬ If you’re too angry with God for your troubles, how can you be comforted by him? If you’re too focused on the pain in your own life, how can you see past it to see its purpose? If you allow yourself to be bogged down by the bad, how can you ever hear past the rants of your broken heart to listen to how God will bring it all together for the good?

Young Joseph who was handed over to those that would misuse and abuse him by those he should have been able to trust. Betrayed by his own blood relatives. Disappointed by those who one minute claimed they loved him but were operating out of their own emptiness and pain at the same time; emptiness that lingered because they didn’t allow God to translate their troubles into treasure. The same Joseph who after working tirelessly in a job he was forced to take and stay in due to uncontrollable circumstances, was also imprisoned by way of false accusation. Wherein then, even then, he helped someone with his dreams though once achieved, the man forgot about him and left him stranded. All of this, not allowed for Joseph’s demise but used to empower him to arise, not only for himself, but for the people he eventually saved after God prepared him in the midst of trouble, propelling him unto promotion. Beloved, according to Genesis 50:20 MSG, you can remind yourself that no matter that the enemy “…planned evil against me… God used those same plans for my good… for many people.”

It’s easy to be tempted to think trouble turns us into trash, but understand that being in an unwanted fix doesn’t always mean you’ve lost unmerited favor. On the contrary, it could very well be an opportunity to accept the call of being chosen! Chosen to be Trusted, Transformed, Trained, and place back on Track, which are the modules taught in each class of trouble.

Module 1: Trusted with Trouble
As you go through your “go-through”, God wants to know He can trust you. This may sound a bit strange, but here’s the thing, Jesus tells us in John 16:33 “I have told you these things so that you can have peace in me. In this world you will have troubles. But be brave! I have defeated the world!” Can He trust that you will trust Him? Trust that you will keep your integrity as you have faith that He’ll pull through for you by providing a breakthrough! He wants to trust that you will seek Him to fill in whatever it is you feel you lack. Mentioned in 1 Thessalonians 5:18, He wants to see you be thankful “in” all circumstances, though not necessarily “for” them. But, Grateful because He’s got you, in ways that are so unconventional you can’t see it! Grateful because He’s present! Grateful because He understands! This is a pre-requisite to letting Him transform you in module 2.

Module 2: Transformed by Trouble
Too often, though God sees the best in us, we rarely see it in ourselves. You are more than what you are right now! Trouble is the darkroom you’re being developed in, so the negatives are only temporary!  It is the soil you’ve been planted in, so the darkness will be scattered as you break into the light. It is the cocoon you’re being transformed in, so what used to be will be no more, but you’ll be equipped and ready to soar.  In a sense, it helps you capture the blossom of your wings!  It exposes what you really believe by how you react: What you believe about you & your abilities; exposing the resourcefulness planted in you by the Source. Caterpillar… did you know you can fly? Revealed are the things that you believe about what you thought God is supposed to do in your life; often something so much less than what God actually has planned. Will you allow Him to tell you more? They correct what you believe about others in your life; you know… the people you now realize are, or are not, ride or die inner circle worthy people. Troubles give you a chance to see who God really is. That He is more than an arbitrary spirit in the sky, more than the universe. It does this by opening a way for Him to show up and show out in His greatness. For if the issues never surface and we could handle everything, we leave no room for God to step in and be the Mighty God He is!

I discovered my call in the midst of trouble. In tears, in sorrows, God revealed to me bits and pieces of my tomorrows. The fact that He was calling me to do something I’ve never done frightened me. And, I remember calling my dear and anointed Bible study teacher, at the time, and asked her frantically what should I do. She said don’t worry, the Spirit will train you!  I had no idea what she meant! But, indeed, in addition to natural training, taking courses and programs, the Almighty & Awesome Lord will use what was meant to break you to build you up! So, at times, you will also need to complete…

Module 3: Trained by Trouble: Now for Later
I may be aging myself, but when I was a kid, I remember this candy that was called Now or Later. It was a taffy candy that was marketed on the fact that it could gratify the needs you have now, but if you wanted to save some for later, it would still be edible and just as sweet. Trouble can be thought of in the same light. It doesn’t have to be completely a bitter experience now, but one where you can let it prepare you for later stages of His plan for you! And, that’s sweet! But, it’ll be difficult to make that shift if we keep focusing too much on the problems. If you are aware of your purpose & heart’s desires that are aligned with God’s Will, ask yourself & pray to Him to show you the sweet in the Now that will prepare you for all you need to do to produce sweet for Later.

Find the Sweet in the now: Where am I going? And, how does experiencing this now help me to prepare for where I’m going later?

Find the Sweet in the Now: What potential exists for growth, or enables me to take initiative, instead of looking at the pain?

Find the Sweet in the Now: What opportunities exist in this situation in spite of the opposition, even if the opportunities are not related to your current path? Because God can use these troubles to put you back, or keep you, on track!

Module 4: Re-Tracked by Trouble
What if I don’t know my purpose? Can I still pass the test and get a promotion? Is the problem still any good? Absolutely it is! God can use the same trouble that derailed you to put you right back on track! Because now you know that the pain you experience can form your purpose, in that it presents to you your “why”. Your purpose is never first tied to the “who” will help you, the “how” you will do it, nor the “what” will you do, but instead first connected to your understanding of “why” you want to do it, which in God’s plan for you is always for good works that shows honor and love for others. When you’re guided by Divine direction to find the answers to the following questions, you will have found your “why”.

Right Track me, Lord: What pain have I experienced that I want to spare others from going through?

Right Track me, Lord: Where do problems exist, in the relationship, workforce, social system, etc. that caused me to go through certain troubles that I may want to help solve or prevent?

Right Track me, Lord: How can I begin to learn ways that ignite my imagination and initiate implementation to bring these changes to impactful fruition?

Get your hopes up, beloved Child of God. The sun shines after the clouds. The rainbow adds color to the world after the rain. Troubles don’t last always, as we’re promised in 2 Corinthians 4:17,18 MSG, “These hard times are small potatoes compared to the coming good times, the lavish celebration prepared for us. There’s far more here than meets the eye…” Find out what that more is at each stage, and make it a point to translate your troubles into treasure. Because you are Chosen to be Trusted with Trouble, Transformed by it, Trained by it, and placed on Track towards destiny by it! Declare over yourself “I will not be defeated!” And, I declare and decree over you that you will Ace the class!

Lukeisha H. CarrLove you to Life!!

LuKeisha Carr Ministries International

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