Words Have Power! Here’s a Tool to Ensure They Use Clean Power!

As The Lord has raised and trained me up to prepare me for His Divine call on my life, as mentioned would happen regarding spiritual things in Hebrews 5:14, I’ve learned to discern when words many Good people intend to use for Good for others, can be spiritually tainted by the enemy and his workers of iniquity to cause harm. But God has given us weapons that are not carnal to be able to turn what is meant for harm around for the Good! And, one of them, one of the most important tools is prayer. Following is a much needed Prayer for…

  • Prophets of The Lord
  • Teachers/Preachers
  • Anchor People
  • Writers/Speakers/Podcasters
  • Politicians
  • Parents/Guardians
  • Leaders
  • Anyone who wants to Speak forth Good things!

… to pray, to let the enemy and any who work for him, attempting to sabotage your Good Works of The Lord, through your words, know that by the Glory of God, their tactics FAILED again, and will continue to fail, as you…

Use this Prayer to Protect & Ensure all your Words bring forth Things of God! Pray it periodically, especially when you discern something may be amiss in the spirit as you prepare to write or speak in any setting. And, as you do, be Blessedly Assured that I touch and agree with you for your words, through this prayer, to bring forth the Power of Unity in Prayer! May Jesus be in the Midst of us as we pray…!


By the Power of Jesus Christ given me according to Luke 10:17 & 19, I Irreversibly Break & Destroy all curses hexes vexes any works of darkness placed on my Words and on my spirit, and Bind & Cast Out Balaam spirits and all infestations of spirits of rodents, insects, reptiles, that are placed on me to curse, thru demonic powers, the people of God, so I can be free to sincerely and effectively Bless them, both via my natural and spiritual words!!!

Whether uttered muttered spoken written drawn gestured or thought, Live or Recorded, in the Spirit or Natural Realms, or thru my Dream/Vision lives, I Decree, & thus it shall be Established, Wisdom of God no one can stand against, coming from deep within me like Rivers of Living Water that is Healing to the bones & Sweet to the Souls of my Readers, Listeners, Viewers, & Attendees, in Professional or Personal situations! I Decree my Words will consistently only Bind & cause Destruction to demonic words/works, things of Wickedness & Evil, and Lovingly & Reliably Loose & cause Healing Life Love Liberty(Freedom from bondage) Joy Sound Mind Peace Endurance Encouragement Transformation & AllThingsGood to everything that is Good & of God’s Will!

Lord, Purify my Spiritual Kitchen & Permanently annihilate any spiritual wickedness & demonic anointings that uses my words to send &/or propagate evils; such as: demonic revisions & alterations that covertly implant defilements, pestilence, violence, demonic strongholds, ungodly emotional reactions, traps, demonic rejections, plagues, sicknesses, loss of life, impaired financial security, threats, impurities, & contaminants! Oh Sovereign God watch over the gates of my lips & let the Words of my mouth & the Meditation of my Heart be acceptable in Thy sight so they bring forth Good Fruit that Remains, according to Your Will!

In the Mighty & Powerful Name of Jesus!



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