Win On the Word (WOW): A Guarantee of an “Off the Chain” Life

FreedomToday’s Win On the Word (WOW) topic is to remind you that you have…

A Guarantee of an “Off the Chain” Life!

“The Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.” 2 Corinthians 3:17 ERV

The other day, I was walking my dog, and I happened to drop my end of the leash. Now my dog is a little feisty thing. When he is not on his leash, he is “off the chain!” To clarify a bit further, he is very energetic, playful, and takes off running to enjoy his freedom. But on that day, at that time I had dropped the leash, he walked a few feet forward… free of a chain; free of anything holding him back, but… he didn’t realize it. He kept his head down, distracted by all of the details of what was beneath him, and thus never enjoyed his freedom to its fullest.

Brother/Sister in Christ, we have been given a gift. A gift so precious, yet powerful. A gift that keeps on giving a lift… the lift you need to be joyful in the current stage of your life and to get you to the next level. 2 Corinthians 1:22 NIV says that The Lord “set His seal of ownership on us, and put His Spirit in our hearts as a deposit, guaranteeing what is to come.” What is to come is ultimately living on a new earth in a new heavens with the Father someday, but between right now and then there is more to come too. Where you are right now is not where you’re destined to stay. We serve a God who moves…who moves forward doing a new thing! And as His follower, you journey towards a new life that emanates love joy peace and the blessings that come with walking along with the Spirit.

The more you cherish and convene with the Spirit of the Lord, the more you’ll notice how greatly He loves and cares for you. And, the more you’ll experience His power fill you in needed areas. He’s a forgiving and compassionate God, who will come to your aid no matter what your past looks like. Therefore, you are freed by allowing Him to take some of the load you encounter by calling on the Name of Jesus. As a matter of fact, on that last one, I remember working long arduous hours in the years before I recommitted my life to Christ. I had to research and troubleshoot system problems, but it was not until it was late at night, when I was desperate to go home, to be freed from being chained to my desk, that I called on God for help. As I look back now, I realized He came through every time within 20 minutes or so of my asking. And, I often think; I was chained to my desk unnecessarily for all those hours, missing out on much fun, excitement, and joy I could have had during those times. And it was all because I had shelved His gift, and waited until the last minute to call on Him, when all the time, I could’ve been living an “off the chain” life.

Forsake the risks and remember your future, beloved, because sometimes in order to grasp all the blessings God’s got for you, you will need to take risks for Him on the tasks He asks you to complete. The blessings in store for you are too big for you not to need a Big God to help you to attain them. Remembering the risks keeps you chained to the trepidation of all the negative things that “could” happen if you, for example… decide to go back to get your college degree; to challenge yourself with starting your own business; or allow yourself to do whatever it is that invokes you to genuinely laugh again; to feel again; to dance again; to be restored again. Yes… business is risky, love is risky, life is risky, but though you are uncertain of the steps, believe that with each, the Spirit of the Lord will make a firm place for you to set your feet. Psalms 121:3,8 CEB “God won’t let your foot slip. Your Protector won’t fall asleep on the job. The Lord will protect you on your journeys- whether going or coming- from now until forever from now.” You see, you don’t need to know all the steps ahead of time because God already knows and has ordered them. You only need to take the step that’s in front of you at any given moment! And with each, press ahead, remembering what God’s telling you about your future; for He is faithful to His Word.

Anything you feel may be holding you back from living forward are what I call phantom chains; chains of apprehension, chains of doubt, chains of disbelief, chains of feeling trapped, chains of struggle. They are “phantom” (illusive, apparition) chains because as long as you keep and utilize the inner power of the Lord’s presence, they are truly powerless and non-binding. “Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!” (2 Corinthians 9:15 NIV)  For with Him, you are declared loosed!  So, take this invaluable gift off the shelf, and let today be the day that you decide to use the Divine source you carry with you, so you can live an “off the chain” life!

You may be thinking that sounds a little different than what you’re actually experiencing. On the contrary, you’ve been feeling held back by circumstances out of your control in which you feel you’ve tried everything but you just can’t get ahead. Live life “off the chain”, anyway, right where you are! Relish, rejoice, and praise the fact that nothing and no one can stop the plans God’s got for you! The only one who can do that is you, unless you choose to keep blooming where you’re planted. You are in the womb of God’s plan, where you are being nurtured and cultivated. You can be joyful in this incubator stage! It may feel a little tight, but you can still be free, in mind and in attitude, by keeping in mind that soon you will be birthed forth into a larger world which you’ve never seen, ready and able to take your Divinely assigned place in the larger than life future in store for you. Until then, my brother my sister, dance as you listen to the melodious sound of the Lord’s voice. Rest weightlessly in the midst of His Spirit. Ingest… taking to heart all He’s feeding you to prepare you for what’s to come! And, when He’s ready to push you forth, take a deep breath as you take your step of faith, and trust He’ll meet you on the other side. Because no matter where you are, at this moment, the Spirit of the Lord is with you, and you are free to live an “off the chain” life!

I praise God for you, and speak life over you and your journey… because you can and you will have a WOW life as you “Win On the Word”!


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