3 Tips That Can Drive You Towards Being Intentional

As I was driving two hours to visit my uncle, I found it a bit difficult to stay in the speed limit. Either my foot was too heavy or too light on the gas pedal. And so, for a brief few minutes, I considered using cruise control. Interestingly, I haven’t used the cruise control feature on any of my cars since I began driving over 20 years ago! So, just as I had decided back then, after using it briefly a couple of times, I chose not to use it this time.

You see, when I tried cruise control, I remember not liking it for several reasons. At that time, though, I chose to use it because I heard it saves on expending energy. It increases comfort while driving long distances, and allows you to relax a little. And, what I wanted to use it for, even this recent time, it helps keeps you from breaking rules of safety. That sounds great, right?! Absolutely!

This is what life can make you want to do sometimes. In its fast pace, it makes us want to step out of the rat race, and just get some rest. Leaving us feeling like we don’t want to face and conquer inevitable challenges of making decisions and necessary changes. There’s a bit of relaxation that comes with not having to think on our toes all the time. And, wanting these things can cause us to put our lives on cruise control, sometimes unintentionally. But, likewise in doing this in life, I remember quickly realizing that something was reduced when cruise control was in use. It was very tempting to over relax, and let other forces take over, by setting aside a necessity, which is to Be Intentional.

Being the Masterpiece, the Handiwork of God, He was Intentional in how and why He created you. Jeremiah 29:11 says, “For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Though, our lives were predestined, it’s not good for us to ride through it on cruise control, hoping to wind up where we belong. Why? Because we encounter roadblocks, detours, and turns that require our attention, with intention, to get to where we’re supposed to be. God is our life’s designer, but He chooses to be our Partner. Therefore, we are the ones who ultimately decide for ourselves whether or not to follow that design.  This requires us to Be Intentional.  You don’t want to, for example, set out to go to Houlihan’s and wind up, for the sake of coasting, at a greasy spoon restaurant.  Instead, as you align your heart to the Will of God, and pay attention to your intentions, it saves you from living an accidental life, so you will live an intentional life!

So here are just a few tips on becoming more intentional that can help you to live your life of purpose on purpose. These will not only help you, in your overall life’s purpose and destiny but also in any goal setting and getting activities, along the way during your daily life. It’s not as hard as it sounds to Be Intentional. You can start with getting directions to your desired destination.

Tip #1 – Get Directions to Destination

It helps to be ready to take Intentional Steps. As you have often heard me say, God is our GPS, the one who has the bigger picture of the map of our lives. He knows how He has designed you. He knows what stages and levels you are supposed to be on at every phase of your life. He, also, knows how to get you there. Additionally, The Lord desires to assist you, even with the smaller task and goals that are integral parts of completing the larger whole. Partnering with Him, through prayer and listening, can take you places you never imagined! You’ll be fully operational in the fullness of who you are as a three-part being; body, spirit, & soul to plan out your steps to your aspirations and heart’s desires. The next thing, after you understand the path to take, is to Be Intentional to alertly keep your mind on the road.

Tip #2 – Mind the Road & Remain Alert

Intentional Attention is key! You see, when using cruise control, because you’re tired, wanting to relax and rest, it becomes all too easy to be tempted to simply drift, not really paying attention, at times. This can cause you to miss important turns. Galatians 5:25 encourages us that “Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit.” Beloved, God is on the move all the time; never backward, but forward. But, when you choose to put your life on cruise control, it has a tendency to take your mind off of when to slow down, or even to speed up, to keep up with the Spirit of God and where He’s taking you.

Just before my smart phone provided an update to its GPS system, I remember wishing it had a speed limit display. I had become accustom of my old one beeping at me when I was driving too fast. But, most importantly, sometimes if you’re not paying attention, to the signs, you can miss them and be driving for miles at a speed too slow or too fast. As you mind the road and remain alert, to remain in step with Divine timing, it calls to Be Intentional to make these kinds of, and other, appropriate adjustments.

Tip #3 – Appropriate Adjustments

Making Intentional Adjustments are paramount to any successful plan. For, no project is completed without encountering glitches and hitches. As with cruise control, you may face unexpected road conditions; rain, snow, road closures, traffic jams, etc. This is the not the place to try to cruise right through them on cruise control! There’s a need to Be Intentional about getting through or around them. A call to be diligent in finding out, and making, the most appropriate adjustments to achieve the most successful outcome, in that circumstance, to get to your destination as planned. During these times is not the time to turn away from God, giving up on your goal(s) and destiny! But, a time to turn to Him, and discover the impressive new ways He presents to you, towards the prize!

In your life, in your project on your job, in your personal goals, where can you begin to Be Intentional? If you have been, please give God the Glory and celebrate yourself! You both absolutely deserve it! It’s an admirable achievement! Yet, if you haven’t, that’s ok too. It’s not too late to make your first Intentional Adjustment by starting with prayerfully answering the following few questions to get and embark on directions to your desired destination; ramp up your attention to mind the road & remain alert on the path you discover towards your endeavors; and to understand where you might need to start making other appropriate adjustments to ensure no unexpected encounter, NOTHING, holds you back from finishing strong!

In any area of your life that’s most important to you right now:

  1. What necessary steps are needed to get to your destination?
  2. Where are some points, in your journey to arrive at the finish line, that have somewhat drifted, that seem to be off schedule or off path?
  3. How can you make some adjustments to ensure you get those drifted areas back on track, or go around some obstacles that you unexpectedly encountered?

As you begin to prayerfully do this, being transparently honest with both yourself and God, and put your Faith into Action on the results to Be Intentional, I’m believing your latter days will be greater than your former!

And, as your Biblical Life Coach, I’m delighted, as always, to help you further along with taking deeper dives into this discovery process, starting with your Complementary One to One coaching consultation!


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