Divine Roadmap to Living The Good Life! – PartII

LCMI’s (W.O.W.) Week Of Wisdom Bible Study 920x222

And, the Journey Continues, in this week’s LCMI’s (W.O.W.) Week Of Wisdom Bible Study, where as you keep along, you’ll meet more milestones to…

  • Find ideas that could lead to your niche in what you’re here on Earth to do!
  • Let go of obligation and be of Good willing determination!
  • Activate the Sound of your Voice to bring Quietness!

And, it doesn’t end there! See the following where there’s MORE for YOU!

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Ways to Eat Plentiful Corn, Even During Hardship – Part III

LCMI’s (W.O.W.) Week Of Wisdom Bible Study 920x222

In this week’s LCMI’s (W.O.W.) Week Of Wisdom Bible Study teaching, watch, while you Chose to Remember The Lord your God even after you come into Blessings He has for you, to find out the last 3 Factors that’ll help you to…

  • Nourish your Balance!
  • Join a crowd that’ll make you & God proud!
  • Strengthen your connections!

  • Missed Parts I & II of this LCMI‘s (W.O.W.) Week of Wisdom Bible Study “Ways to Eat Plentiful Corn, Even During Hardship” 3-Part Series? You can watch both right here:
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Ways to Eat Plentiful Corn, Even During Hardship – Part II

LCMI’s (W.O.W.) Week Of Wisdom Bible Study 920x222

Part II of LCMI’s (W.O.W.) Week Of Wisdom Bible Study’s, “Ways to Eat Plentiful Corn, Even During Hardship” 3-part series is here!

Watch to continue preparing yourself to Reap Your Best Harvest Yet! Discover how it’s possible to…

  • Stand up against the odds in Holy Ghost Power!
  • Humbly keep your head up when troubling circumstances tries to keep you looking down!
  • Go past what tries to limit you!

I look forward to hearing from you!

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Love You to Life!

Lukeisha Carr

LuKeisha Carr Ministries International, Inc.

Ask LuKeisha Question: After All You’ve Been Through, Why Do You Still Have Faith in God?

When the time is right, I’ll share some of my experiences, that at least two people, who asked me this same question we’re referring to. For now, as I thought about how I would phrase my answer, I smiled, shaking my head, looking down for a few seconds, as one of my opposers, trying to answer this question for me, said: “because I’m stubborn.” Truly, I tell you, that’s far from the Truth. Although, I believe myself as Steadfast in Faith, instead.

Many think that faith is blind belief, or something that one can “fake it til you make it”. And, in the beginning, it can seem that way because an adult new to the Christian faith has no, or very little, schema built from past experiences that can point to experiencing the Goodness of God. Before I recommitted my life to Christ, I blindly believed there was a God, and went through my life considering Him simply an arbitrary spirit in the sky that periodically looked down on us, like an owner of an ant farm, to ensure we were surviving in our habitat. But, it’s through the tough experiences, as I sought Him out, that I began to find Him. And, in finding Him, I learned that He is exponentially so much more than I thought.

What I realized too, is there are differing levels of faith. Which at lower levels of faith, where there’s a lack of knowledge of God and His ways, can create openings where the very dark trials sent against a person can seep in to destroy their faith, or prevent it from deepening. As one who seeks to bring others to the faith of Christ, I have noticed that there are many who lost faith in God, or never developed a belief in Him “DUE” to unpleasant circumstances they went through in their lives. Here is where I’d like to encourage, those of you who this has happened to early in your life, or perhaps you’re going through something right now that seems to be weakening your faith in Him, to try not to give up on God for disappointments you’ve experienced. Because, it’s in looking at those experiences through the Eyes of God that you can begin to see elements of your experiences that give you a more whole picture of what’s happening, and keep you sustained in peace that surpasses all understanding, strength, and protection, as you progress through it.

In my situations, some witnessed what challenged me, and perceived, for example, three limiting circumstances that lingered, as God letting me down. But, what they didn’t see were the 100 situations where He consistently came through mightily. But, to keep it succinct, the next few reasons my faith in The Lord has stayed strong, starts with understanding that…

God Allows Struggles for Good Reasons

Hardships don’t mean God doesn’t exist. Just as dark forces send hardships to break us, God uses them to build us; to build our knowledge of Him, ourselves in terms of our individual identity in Him, gifts & callings, and to build our character. Consider the story of Young David (see 1 Samuel in the Holy Bible) before He became King. What came against him through King Saul was to keep him from answering the call on his life to become King. Yet, The Lord used the very same circumstances to help Young David build trust in Him, by showing him his provision and preservation. With this knowledge of God, having seen God’s presence and His practices, when we rise to the top, as King David eventually did, we can be Anchored in Adonai, knowing that some of the biggest challenges that can come at us is when we are at the top. But, when the same God that was with us in the valley is there to help us overcome new devils that come at each higher level, we can begin to soar, and most of all be sustained there.

Now, those of you who have had terrible experiences as children, there are reasons for those struggle too. But, unfortunately, this is not a suitable outlet to address such sensitive topics. If you’d like to discuss privately, please book your Complimentary “Free to Discover Me” Spiritual Enrichment Coaching session. If it’s a topic you don’t mind discussing amongst others with similar experiences, contact me at:https://CSHLoveLife.com/Contact, and I will arrange a group coaching session around this topic. In the meantime, it helps to trust that…

Promises of God are Dependable

Now before I go into this topic, I’d like to remind you that “some” promises of God are “Conditional”, as in if you do this, God will do that. But…! To give you a few that I have leaned on is:

Psalm 91:11 mentions, “For He will command His angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways”. It’s in the midst of troubles that you need guarding and guidance, first. Most often, if there is no trouble, no reason arises for high levels of Divine protection to take place although it’s still there at lower indiscernible levels. This is something that’s been apparent to me from the very beginning of some of what I’ve experienced.

Another, is; “There is surely a future hope for you, and your hope will not be cut off.”, as per Proverbs 23:18.  Not too long ago, I was coaching someone on how to build trust. One example I used was that trustworthiness is built by doing what you say you will do, consistently. This is how I’ve learned God is. He makes us promises, gives us hope, but because God often does complex things in our lives, they don’t always come to pass quickly. How I’ve held to the Hope He gives, how, like King David once said, His promises preserves my life, is that God unfolds some of His promises gradually wherein, if paying attention, you can see it coming to pass in drips and drabs where necessary; maybe slow going but definitely growing into fruition. Numbers 23:19, tells us that “God is not a man; He will not lie. God is not a human being; His decisions will not change. If He says He will do something, then He will do it. If He makes a promise, then He will do what He promised.” For, The Lord knows reneging on His promises would make Him foolish in that He would never be able to get anyone to trust Him if He never does what He says He’s going to do. Foolish He’s not, but a Holy Spirit that emits Wisdom! Along with what’s helped even these mentioned elements become parts to building and sustaining my faith is to…

Maintain a Genuine Healthy Relationship with God

Here’s what’s important know… when you don’t know God, it’s easy to get duped by the trickery manipulation and deceptions of the world, for example, in thinking God promised something or someone He didn’t. OR… believe it or not, trying to convince you that God DID NOT promise that person or thing.  This is why my relationship with God, who I’ve learned over the years is a bi-directional communicative God, has kept me guided in the light, in right directions; saying no to what would bring harm, and yes, to what doesn’t, and pausing at what I’m not sure about. Having this kind of relationship with Him helps us to know His voice, which embodies His character, so we don’t get misled by counterfeits. “Counter”-“Fits”: may look real, the crumple rustle of the hustle may sound real, but when you look and listen closely, they “counter”, as in Oppose, much of what and who is the Real God, not a good “Fit” for His character. I discuss why we should, and how to get to know the Christian God in more depth in my (Pod)Casting Potential Episode 11: 4 Ways to Start or Improve Hearing the Voice of God. On this episode’s page is a companion checklist that I encourage you to download to guide you through the process of getting to know God better.

There are so many other goodies that I could share that keep faith strong in times where you may be most vulnerable, but these are a great start in building your own faith! Maintain a genuine healthy relationship with The Lord, where you get to know how He fashions His likes dislikes and promises, as well as learn patterns of how He responds to events in our lives, similar to how He’s done for others in the past. For, God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. So, what He did before, in a similar context He’ll do it again; what He’s done for several few, when fitting, He’ll do for you, too!

To discuss any questions or comments that arise out of this Ask LuKeisha answer, please join, Free, the LCMI Member Community, and post in the Assured Apologetics Abode group. I hope to see you there soon!

Lukeisha H. CarrLove You to Life!

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Perhaps, They’re Not Out Of Your League – (Pod) Casting Potential – Episode 28


In (Pod)Casting Potential – Episode 28, It’s Your Time to discover…

  • Why some may not be out of your league after all
  • What it takes to determine who and what is the best fit for you
  • How some differences, originally thought a problem, may be purposed for destiny


And, after all of that, there’s more for you:

  1. Special Announcement: (Pod)Casting Potential Show Now in Syndication & Available for Subscription!
  2. The Prayer That Can Change Your Life
  3. To invoke the Power of Prayer in Unity, please go to my Prayer Request page, and I’ll be happy to stand in agreement with you!


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Get Your FREE GIFT to Unlock Details of Your Destiny and Purpose

So, now you’ve listened to (Pod)Casting Potential’s 4 Ways to Start or Improve Hearing the Voice of God, in episode 11, and discovered that God Purposefully Speaks to you. And, to tap into His purpose for you, there must be a power up to establish a connection. The importance of getting familiar with God and yourself is also included. Additionally, paying attention to the sometimes still small voice of God is conveyed to ensure you don’t miss Him, thinking He’s not communicating with you, when He truly is speaking.

Maybe you didn’t get a chance to write notes. Or, simply you aren’t sure how to start delving deeper into practicing the tips shared. Possibly, you’ve already done some of what was shared, but would still like to sharpen your spiritual ears when it comes to hearing God’s guidance. Well, this convenient and printable checklist, that has also been sent to your email, can assist you in pinpointing and honing in on any specific areas that can shift your Divine experience to the next level!

To get you started, included below are two starter prayers. One is for if you’ve never asked Jesus into your heart as your Lord & Savior.  The other is for if you have accepted Jesus as your Lord & Savior, but haven’t been communicating as closely or regularly with Him as you would like.

I’d love to hear from you about your experience with praise reports, comments, or questions, and so welcome you to contact me via my contact page or on social media at:     


Lukeisha H. CarrLove you with the Love of God!

Lukeisha Carr, BCACLC, CRS

Your Biblical Life Coach, Coaching you to Live Your Abundant Life in Christ!


Connect to My Lord & Savior Prayer

Lord Jesus, there are some things I’ve done, & some not of my own doing, that has affected my soul & spirit in undesirable ways. I believe Oh Lord Jesus, that You are The Christ, my Lord & Savior, the Son of the One & Only Living God. I believe in my heart that You died on the Cross & were risen making us a way to eternal life.

I want my life to change for the better to have peace, love, joy, & faith that my latter days will be greater than my former days. So, please come into my heart & cleanse it, take reign over my life, redeem my soul, & put a right & willing spirit in me. Teach me Your ways, Lord. Help me to have ears that hear Your voice, as my Great Shepherd, never to be led by any other. May I hear Your voice guiding me towards the everlasting hope & future You so graciously provide.

Thank You, Jesus, for making me one of the redeemed that is able to rejoice & say so!

In Jesus Name. Amen. 

Strengthen Connection to God Prayer

Holy God, it seems I may have stayed, or strayed, too far away to hear what You say. Your Word says that if we call unto You, Lord, You would show us great & mighty things. Father, please give me ears that hear, a heart that understands, and a willing spirit so that I may be led by the voice of Your Holy Spirit. Increase my spiritual discernment to ensure I only follow You, Lord Jesus, as my Great Shepherd so that I will not be led by any other.

In Jesus Name. Amen.


Keys to Securing a Sustainable Love Past Valentine’s Day

Sustainable Love 436x245There’s much speculation around how valentine’s day came about, but it’s a day that bursts forth hearts, blooms flowers, and boasts affection as a way that many have adopted as “thee” day to share, show, and speak love. Twenty-four hours set aside to wine and dine. Though for some, flowers and a movie at home are just fine. Whatever way you tend to choose to spend this one day that so many look forward to, or that some dread due to disappointment, this day can be the beginning for many, but I pray not the end for most by practicing sustainable love.

In today’s day and age we are so caught up, in our certain responsibility as those who hold dominion over the earth, on trying to save a world that’s dying, by introducing sustainable design, sustainable living, sustainable agriculture. To take a brief look at how Biblical Hebrew defines sustain, it’s; “to hold; to seize; to provide; to bear; endure; contain; feed; abide; understand (comprehend); guide”. Considering this, in all we attempt to sustain, how often do most actively attempt to sustain love; to sustain love during the ebbs that interrupt the flow that so easily comes when the tide of love is high? Just imagine if not just for a few hours on one day, but a few days out of every week, you can feel special with whomever you deem special to you without a special day! Believe, it is that which you can have by being intentional to…

Design Lasting Love
Per Ecolife Dictionary, “Sustainable design is the intention to reduce or completely eliminate negative environmental impacts through thoughtful designs.” Many, in their heart of hearts believe love hurts. But by definition and Divine design, it truly doesn’t. So, don’t be afraid to love. What hurts in love is not love itself, but instead it’s those things we bring into its environment that is “not” loving; all those things people know if it were to be said or done to them, they’d be hurt. It’s similar to the air we breathe today. A Huffington Post article, titled A ‘Smog Vacuum’ Will Clean China’s Air, Turning Pollution Into Jewelry, talks about a new design that allows people to be proactive and create something beautiful, as they remove toxins from the air. It states that “According to the World Health Organization, more than 80 percent of city residents worldwide are exposed to poor air quality levels.” But, the air itself is not what propagates the ailments many suffer, it’s what is put into it. Like love, air is good. Like love, air is harmless. Like love, air nourishes us. But it’s the pollutants that has been released in it that hurts us. And, like air, the environments of love need a designed plan to regain and sustain its healthiness, by infusing the good, removing the toxic, preventing re-contamination, and improving the plan as you move forward in your relationships. So, truly, love doesn’t hurt, but it does take willing responsibility to do some active work starting with the following steps!

  • Step 1: Use Eco-Friendly Elements
    As you design the love you’d like to experience, it’s the non-toxic contributions that will sustain the health and well-being of you and your loved ones. Truth, trust, kindness, patience, peace, and humble hearts towards each other are non-toxic elements to work towards including into your relationship. Just think about the opposite of any of them, and what it would introduce into your environment of love instead.
  • Step 2: Clean Up What’s Messed Up
    Eliminating wastes, those things that take valuable time away from spending time together. God wants you to work. He wants you to be productive for whatever He has assigned for you to do. Yet, He has also, called you to rest and fellowship with each other, not only with your acquaintances but first and foremost with those closest to you. Considering tendencies and behaviors that are empty, that are no longer useful or helpful, but instead let’s in stress and frustration, is another step in determining what wastes to begin working on throwing out.
  • Step 3: Continuously Refine the Design
    No design is fully at it’s top notch performance straight off the drawing board. There’s always room for improvement; always room to bring forth something that maybe was always there but dormant and not yet put to use. There’s always a new thought or idea that can bring forth a spark. Enhancing and optimizing each other’s potential, and the possible expansion of your love between one another can reignite what made you fall in love in the first place. Additionally, it can help you to discover a few new things to do periodically that will keep the fire burning. Because like old stale corn bread, it’s all too unnecessarily tempting to throw out a relationship that has gone stale.

Daily Live Love
Sustainable living is the “practice” of reducing your demand on natural resources by making sure that you replace what you use to the best of your ability. ‭‭ Love requires you to pour into your beloved and for your beloved to pour back into you on a regular basis.  According to 1 John 3:18 NIV, we are reminded, “Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.” This means that everyday, not just one day, love needs to be confirmed for your loved ones. It’s great, not only to LOL (Laugh Out Loud) with each other, but as Joyce Meyers introduced in one of her tweets, to “Love Out Loud”, as well. Speak it loudly, speak it proudly, announce it publicly, announce it privately! For, additionally, in human make up a craving exists to “Love Others Literally”. By doing this you meet one of the demands in the definition of sustain which, in this context, is that you and your loved ones need “to understand (comprehend)” that the love between you is genuine, is consistent, is dependable, is withstanding, no matter what you may be going through.

Duplicate Lots of Love
The goal of sustainable agriculture is to meet society’s food and textile needs now without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Rarely is the effort to cultivate love considered past the present moment, not only into the latter days of the present lifetime, but into those of the next generation. More couples complain that s/he didn’t do what she or he did in the beginning, and so love anticipated for each next day looks boring. And, what many don’t realize is that it’s not only the couple who gets shortchanged, but also those who are watching. P. D. James once said, “What a child doesn’t receive he can seldom later give.” Love is in popular and great demand. It deserves to be in the spot light, exemplified as a guide, and fed to others to bring its existence into the future. Creating a “Lasso Of Love” around children, family, and friends, and thus replicates it as you give it, because true love is contagious!

Valentines Day has ended. Now what? Hopefully, you will decide to not let love go stale, nor throw it away, but recycle, refresh, and replicate it.  Next to all the billions of dollars in tax money that’s spent to restore the earth, love don’t cost a thing… more than dedication, selflessness, and some effort.  So that the love shared between you will remain true, because the nature of its authenticity, as 1 Corinthians 13:7,8 says, is “Love always perseveres. Love will never end…”!

Now…  I’d love to see your thoughts! Please comment below!

  • What are some improvements you hope to see in relationships, whether a marriage, parent/child, sibling to sibling, etc.?
  • When do you think are some good moments in daily living to show more patience to a loved one? And, what specifically would you suggest doing?
  • Describe your vision of peace in a relationship without suppressing and ignoring a valid problem.

Lukeisha H. CarrLove you with the Love of God!

Lukeisha Carr, BCACLC

Your Biblical Life Coach, Coaching you to Live Your Abundant Life in Christ!


Love as a Host in a Holy Ghost Town

Restored TownQuestions traipse through the trails of our minds often. I can’t image that one of them hasn’t been, even between us as a people, in professional relationships and in family ties, not just romantically, “why can’t we love each other?” In current events, love seems to be shaken out by everything that is often unrealized as an antithesis of its nature. Knowing that, as per John 13:34 NIV “…Love one another. As I have loved you…”, there’s a call on each of us to begin to realize that we are to forsake the embrace of what we so often hold so near, that which is fear. And free ourselves to open up to the vulnerability and receive what was been gifted to us; the purity of God’s love.

Love so pure, basic, the essence of who we are because of who we are, as children of the Most High God who is Love, yet it’s so often elusive, because often elusive is identity.  We seek for it over the rainbow, in the valley, in the darkness that envelopes the stars, in the brightness of the sun, at the ends of what’s to the left & to the right, yet so many miss it, though it is really right there. We don’t recognize it within ourselves for ourselves much less for others. As much practice as some of us embark upon we seek it in outside embraces, hopefully, though for some not always, from those with familiar faces. Searching, looking, hunting… true love rarely found, often leaving many with a heart like a ghost town.

Devoid, or waning low, of resources that keeps the economy of love flowing. A place abandoned by the mismanagement of giving our pearls to those who trample upon our treasure. Spaces pummeled by disasters uncontrollable by the power of our own accord, leaving the hollows of our hearts a ghost town.  Despite what may have caused the dry places, occupied only by the webs formed by no flow of movement, love can really fill our hearts. You only need to let love reign in your heart and be a host, as in your heart’s town, abides the One who is Love, the Holy Ghost.

Lord! Restore my heart! Turn it into a Holy Ghost town, sparking within me a love as A Host that…

Incites an Invite
Instead of protecting yourself, trying to lock out the negative possibilities that may come with vulnerability, shut out the apprehension and invite in belief that truth, kindness, and support will win.   Galatians 5:6 tells us that “…faith expresses itself through love.” Loving someone sincerely makes you want to take a chance in spite of the probability of pain. Inviting others into your inner safe place, and them inviting you into theirs.  It takes faith to believe that what was stolen from the stores of your soul can be replaced, and will not once again be taken.  It takes faith to believe that what you give away will be replenished, even if not always via a like reciprocation, but absolutely through Divine provision. It takes faith to believe that once starts the ebb and flow between each vessel of source, there will be seen more of who you privately are, and with the ability to accept attention, hang tight with you in peace and comfort.

Activates Attention
“…It is more blessed to give than to receive.”, Acts 20:35 NIV  Self-care is important but love is selfless. It’s an act to observe what the invited guest of your heart likes, and to be attentive that it is received.  I was joking with my cousin the other night about him and his wife, reminding him to not buy “her” any gifts “for himself”! The gift in giving is giving what the other actually wants and likes, not what benefits you.  Attention needs to be on those you want to gain or regain, retain and maintain a relationship with!

Paying attention to your friends’ hearts desires; to your co-worker’s, client’s, or employee’s endeavors; or to the aspirations of your next door neighbor who just migrated from another city state or country, can make all the difference.  It’s in allowing love to fill your heart and theirs by simply being interested, and willing to assist in any good way you can. There was a lady who worked in a job that she had already come to terms with the fact that God was about to shift her career choice.  She had accepted it, and was ready to move on to the next exciting phase of her life. Interestingly, her manager who was just her manager within the organization for a few months, had thoughts on reorganizing the functions of the department the lady worked in. Her manager, not having asked for the sake of listening to groom the woman into her best self, in the direction of her aspirations, decided a new position for her. It was a position that was no where in the line of the endeavors she felt God had placed on her heart to do. The manager’s consideration or curiosity for the woman’s goals was not there.  The autonomy of the woman had been attempted to be taken away, leaving her to fulfill the desires only of the manager’s needs. It created angst, frustration, low-moral and drained the woman’s joy until God released her from that job that would have steered her away from what He had planned for her.

Despite where one person is, love is to meet another where they are, and patiently encourage them along the path assigned to their lives. In the moment of the conversation and the carrying out of helpful offers, it’s to make the recipient feel like the focus is only on them. Yet, in the right partnership, relationship, friendship, there is a swaying in the flow of reciprocation that giving each other the attention, without vying over it, will keep conversations, and thus congregation, quite a delight.  For knowledge puffs up, but love builds up, and those around you should leave stronger in hope, honor, self-respect, and feeling safe.

Promotes Preservation
As others are invited to the homes of our hearts, with attention aligned away from seeking our own good, but towards seeking theirs, truth, trust, and preservation seals the deal. When others feel like they can trust you with their truth; when they can be sure you are one to preserve their aspirations, hopes, and safety with a steadfastness to refresh and replenish, it strengthens the relationship.

Love says, “Your past doesn’t scare me and if it threatens to creep into our present, I will fight it back ‘with’ you to protect our future.”

Love says, “Thank you for being open about the personal issues plaguing you at home. As your co-worker, I will handle what you shared with me with discretion, and do whatever I can to help take the pressure off of you until things get better.”

Love says, “Son (or Daughter), whatever must happen as a consequence of your actions, we will be here for you in the best ways we can.”

And, with all that love says, love actually does because it is an action word, not always around as something you feel, but always present in what you do. With love as a host in our hearts’ town filled with the Holy Ghost, we can begin shifting the dynamics of what we so often see around us in the realm of the microcosmic space we occupy in the world. There’s no party like a Holy Ghost party, for wherein He dwells, there is Love and Joy! Thus, in being inviting, attentive, and protective, towards others, love becomes contagious. Love becomes tangible. Love becomes fulfilling. And, love dwells within!

Remember, with God all things are possible, even where and when it seems like love is nearly impossible!

I would love to hear from you! Please leave a reply in response to the question(s)/statement(s) below:

  • What are some other ways you would like to see love increased in your work environment, school, community, or home?
  • How can you begin to practice at least one “new” way to add to the examples of love you already express?
  • Share some reasons you think might hinder someone from sharing love in these ways.


Lukeisha CarrLove you with the Love of The Lord!

Lukeisha Carr, BCACLC

Your Biblical Life Coach, Coaching you to Live Your Abundant Life in Christ!


5 Tips on Readying Yourself for Marriage – Part II

There is much to think about, much to practice in light of the two and a half tips provided in Part I of 5 Tips on Readying Yourself for Marriage. But there are a few more that’ll give you a jump start with a spark to help you towards warm bliss even through seasons of wintry blizzards. To continue on with circulating the 4 C’s, the next thing after practicing consideration and communication with your significant other, there needs to be…

Compromise, pointing out a dichotomy in its meaning, in that it’s great to compromise, exercising a little give and take, to bring forth a mend in a rift that resulted out of disagreement or to pursue peace. Yet, it also, calls for caution, not to compromise who you know yourself to be in the eyes of God, your faith, nor core values that are aligned with the Word of God.  For to compromise one’s values too much is like playing on a seesaw with someone who is extremely unequal in weight, that if there’s a lean too heavily on one end, one is always up in the air, and the other never gets off the ground.  It’s like a mathematical formula, where you and your spouse are the right components in your relationship, two people brought together by God to add to each other, and multiply to complete a Kingdom purpose together, but if the right values are missing and/or incorrect ones are used, you will inevitably get the wrong results.  And, it’ll have you wondering, where am I, who am I? So, it’s important to not lose yourself by always conceding your God-given desires.  However, make room within yourself, for your special someone, by setting aside some of what you want to allow their Divinely inspired desires to transpire, as well. Some of the most beautiful songs are created by a duet of great talents, those who compromised on which parts they’d sing in their collaboration to follow through on what had been agreed upon.  I believe for you that you and your partner can make beautiful music together, as well.

Collaboration requires that you be ready to answer a committed YES! as you ask yourself, “Am I ready to do what I said I’d do?  Am I ready to do my part?” Collaboration is a consistency of working with your partner to bring forth the results agreed upon. If you’ve ever worked in a team at work or played on one in sports, you know there’s a dependency on you consistently and reliably performing what you agreed to do. It’s no different in a marriage. The two of you will be a team. Your home is your work place or ball court. Collaborating on tasks and issues makes you part of the solution, and not part of the problem.  Winston Churchill once said, “The price of greatness is responsibility.” No matter what stage of the dating game you may be in, surely you want to have a “GREAT” relationship!

Tip #4: Synchronized Symbiosis

One of the most common complaints in a dating relationship or marriage is “She/He expects me to read her/his mind!” So often sought, so frequently expected, yet, there’s often a hindrance that is placed up by one or both that prevents that desired closeness required to enable a synchronization of hearts to achieve that goal.  Though being on a level to do that at all times may seem impossible, there is a oneness that comes with being unified not only by The Holy Spirit, but unified by the intertwine of both your spirit and your spouse’s. According to Genesis 2:24,25 spouses were created to come together as Adam and Eve did, become one, and not be ashamed. This indicates a closeness that calls for a level of transparency. An access where your special someone can peer beyond the temporal; clothes, skin & flesh into the depths of your soul.  A willingness is needed on your part to be translucent so you can feel safe and comfortable when your mate genuinely feels and says “I love you because I see you, through you, to the true you.”  This paves a journey, because it’s not fully instant.  It creates a trail to allowing your significant other access to understanding all of you, the parts we all have; the good, the bad, and the ugly. This is not mentioned just because it’s something each spouse should be willing to do but because it’s something the Spirit of The Lord will begin to initiate, when He is that third strand, mentioned in Part I of 5 Tips on Readying Yourself for Marriage. For it is a bi-product of the function of your soul being knitted to the soul of your mate, that gives you the ability, as you yield to it, to develop a choreographed grace to dance across the floors of life with each other.  The secret to work in tandem with Christ as the Head of your life is, well… no secret at all. It’s a matter of, as we are taught about perfect love in 1 John 4:18, consistently practicing a love that cast out fears. And, it starts, but is not confined to the boundaries, of your home. For everyone is called to ministry, because at a minimum, even when not called to ministering in a church, one definition of ministering means “the act of serving”, to which we are called.  You are called to serving your mate, your children, and your extended family.  Your marriage is your first ministry and your home is the soil in which it will be nurtured.

Tip #5: Nurture the Environment

Anything that grows, needs to be nurtured.  Marriages can grow or become stunted, so it’s imperative to sow into your relationship by, not necessarily focusing so much on what you bring into it materially, but what you sow into each other spiritually and emotionally. Tilling the soil of your marriage spans much more than I can give you in the space of this article. So, encouragement, appreciation, and refreshing will be discussed to get you going on a good start.


As mentioned above, perfect love drives out fear. One of the intangible things you can give as an act of love is courage. The word encourage French/Latin root meanings; “En-” which is “to put in” and “courage” is “heart”; to give heart, which is a metaphor for inner strength. With encouragement, you can began to destroy the thorns of your mate’s doubts about any shortcomings, challenges, or new endeavors that can cause fear. Give heart that all things can be done through Christ who strengthens. Give heart that their shortcomings are not solely what defines them, but it’s the totality of their design that makes them the perfect piece of the puzzle helping you to further complete the picture of your life.  Give heart that as Ecclesiastes 4:9,10 says “Two are better than one… if either of them falls down one can help the other up…” Because, love is an action word.  So though it is wonderful to hear and should be said often, showing your soon to be life partner that you are there as a reliable source of support can be very encouraging. And it communicates, non-verbally, an appreciation that God has placed this person in your life.


Showing appreciation is important because it ensures the rocks of life don’t prevent the roots of your relationship from going deeper.  It helps to ground your relationship in gratitude, especially during and/or after difficult times.  Hardships, those of the past and those you will encounter together, can harden a soul spirit and outlook towards people and life as they are experienced. Appreciation of your future partner’s presence, their thoughts, time, and efforts can soften their feelings, refreshing their hope, helping your special someone feel… well, special, and be more open to you.


Being ready to refresh your mate with new hope; to replace hope that may have been snatched away on any previous day; to wipe away the traces of shed tears; giving them hope that things can be different. Refresh their mind and body as you show your appreciation by periodically doing something thoughtful that temporarily relieves them of normal tasks or duties. Refresh their spirit by simply spending time with each other talking about and enjoying blessings, expressing aloud new dreams and aspirations that the two of you can bring forth through collaboration as the cycle of love comes around again.  This keeps your union light, not bogged down by burdens, bringing a refreshing by replenishing vision for a bright future.

Sow Seeds, and nourish your soil helping progress to flow, not Weeds that only to block nourishment to grow. Sow into your relationship the things that propagates potential, fosters faith, and blooms belief within your partner, not only in public but in the privacy of your personal time together. Mentioned in Part I of 5 Tips on Readying Yourself for Marriage, first and foremost of all, inviting and keeping Christ and His Spirit leading at the helm of your relationship is the solidifying factor for it’s strengthening.  Knowing yourself before God empowers you to be confident and steadfast in who you are in Christ, and to set boundaries around the values you live by according to the Will of God.  Circulating the 4 C’s, by giving your partner Consideration, being open to Communication, Compromise and Collaboration lays a layer of foundation to build towards transparent acceptance. Embracing each opportunity, whether in good times or bad, to build each other up through encouragement, appreciation and refreshing, in thought, word, and deed builds another layer of respect and honor.  As Amy Grant said, “Every good relationship, especially marriage, is based on respect. If it’s not based on respect, nothing that appears to be good will last very long.”  God prepares each of us for the blessings He plans to give us. As you start implementing these tips, you will be essentially saying “Yes” to the process, while God is also preparing your spouse for you, too.  May the God, who is Love, bless your journey towards each other!

Lukeisha H. CarrLove you with the Love of God!

LuKeisha Carr Ministries International

5 Tips on Readying Yourself for Marriage – Part I

Even the greatest love stories have their rough and tumble trying times in the middle, before the story ends in a, for the most part, happily ever after. Have you considered about your future marriage, “Who am I? And how, I wonder, will this story end?”  There’s no way to know for sure what turbulence you will hit along the journey of the unity of matrimony, nor any way to absolutely know how it’s going to end, but you certainly can, even if you have yet to find your boo, begin building a solid foundation starting with you. Focus is frequently so intently on how to find the right mate, when we seldom understand what it takes to be the right mate, thinking that to be ready means to simply want to settle down. There has been times that even I have uttered to myself, “how would I feel being married to me?”, as a way to evaluate my own readiness for a union that God will so graciously bless me with.

A comment I just recently read, and caught my eye, offered by Dennis & Barbara Rainey, “A marriage license doesn’t make a marriage. It only gives you the right to start building one.”  That made me think of what Jesus tells us in Matthew 7:25 “Therefore everyone who hears these words of Mine and acts on them is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. The rain fell, the torrents raged, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because its foundation was on the rock.”  The idea of a large elaborate wedding and the bliss of a union of newly established love, pleasantly brings thoughts of sunrise and endless days of cloudless sunshine. But, as presented in 1 Corinthians 7:28 NIV, “…those who get married… will have troubles…”  Therefore, there will be times you will encounter a muddy puddle you’ll have no choice but to wade through as well as storms to survive, that don’t have to shrivel your marriage but make your tie to each other stronger.  Most of what’s about to be shared, you can apply to your life right now, even if you haven’t yet found “the one!“, but maybe you are dating.  All, except one that only applies to marriage that will be revealed in part II, can easily be slightly modified to fit, transferred to, and used within, any relationship, such as; co-workers, friendships, siblings, and parents.  I say this because the more you practice these tips, the more you’ll be ready when matrimony time arrives, helping you plan & build upon the one and only Solid Rock before you agree to walk the paths of life together.

Tip #1: Stand Strong with the Shining Strand 

To insert a caveat, before I get into the reason it’s good to be married, remember that marriage does not always or all inclusively make life easier, nor does it rid or cure you, or your potential mate, the temptations each of you battle or feed before you tie the knot.  Though said before the time we had to be concerned about such things, according to God, as He told to Adam in the Garden just before creating Eve, “it is not good for man to be alone.” And as stated in Ecclesiastes 4:12 NIV; “Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.”  In Part II, we’ll get into the why and how the two of you can be nurturing for each other under the covering of Christ, who is the third and Shining Strand.

Covenant relationships are vulnerable to division. Division enters by way of unpleasant issues, those known and unknown, about our potential mate and ourselves.  It intrudes upon unions that God puts together because the forces of darkness knows that where there is unity, there is strength and power. The intrusion can be apparent or seem very subtle almost unnoticed.  It can come by way of large crisis or behaviors that erode core values that are nutrients of the soil your relationship should be rooted in.  As you keep Christ, the Pure Strand of Light, as the head of your daily life in word and deed, He is that added strength that will bind you and your mate together, rendering the issues of life and any personal foibles unable to tear apart what God puts together.

Tip #2: Know Yourself Before God

Part of working with God to strengthen your relationship is leaning on Him to understand yourself. And, though it is not impossible to do if you are already engaged, or married, it’s best to begin before you do so.  Back in mid 2010, God started me on a four year (yup, FOUR YEARS!) dating hiatus. As any typical, healthy young woman, I too was seeking to find what I thought was my better half. I now know there are no better half’s when you allow yourself to become whole as God fills your spirit-man with what you’ve always longed for, yet without Him, never can truly find. So, as I began my walk with Christ in late 2010 and continued beyond, the prayers for a Godly husband began. But, he hadn’t manifested. And, if your spouse has not manifested, yet, don’t be discouraged. If God hasn’t decided to set you apart especially for Himself, you will connect with your future spouse someday. Be encouraged, because the mate chosen for you may be going through a preparation process to be united with you, too. And, that’s why I want to share with you my very brief story. As I prayed, periodically, for a husband, a couple of times God gently told me; “Be Patient, My child. Come into the fullness of who you are before I add anyone to your life.” After hearing that, I focused on finding myself, knowing myself, understanding who God created me to be and the plans He has for my life.

When you begin to walk in, and measure yourself by, what God says about you, ignoring what others say, you are getting closer to knowing yourself before God. This helps you to know your gifts and talents, so you know exactly where and in what you are to operate in intentionally, with excellence and genuine inward fulfillment.  As undesirable as it may seem, you will know and understand more about what you now consider weaknesses.  Some you won’t be able to change, but because of what God says you can accept.  Others are ones, that with God’s help you can overcome. And, like the Apostle Paul, you can also receive God’s promise, as shown to us in 2 Corinthians 12:9 “’My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness.’…”  That is Empowering! Empowering because before the person is added to your life, you are strong, self-sufficient, and secure that you are content with being YOU!  Thus, when you cleave with your mate, there’s no loss of core or essential parts of yourself in the effort to put too much of who you are aside to please your spouse. Instead, it is Empowering to be productive, enabling you to communicate, giving the best of who you are to whomever comes into your life! Giving, never losing, because you’re always producing the essence of you!

Tip #3: Circulate the 4 C’s

Usually, I go deeper into these in group coaching workshops, but these are a good start to help you on your way to prepare for your walk down the aisles of life with your potential mate. These are bricks or layers of your foundation where one builds on top of another. Consideration must be present to have the desire to communicate properly. Communication must be present in order to know what you need to compromise about. Compromise is what you will plan with your future spouse to do together in collaboration. And, Collaboration is what actions you both will carry out based on your plan.

Consideration for another, done so on a regular basis without begrudging, is an indication that you have made room for that person in your heart and all that matters to you. Romans 12:10 NIV says to, “Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.” Think back to a time when someone was considerate to you regarding your time, your feelings, your dreams and desires. How did that experience make you feel? What did you think about the person who wanted to hear your thoughts and ideas? Think about how you would feel at the moment of a sense of belonging and significance you would have when you are welcomed into the wholeness of another’s world. It is something that can make you smile! Imagine that for a lifetime, even through up and downs that can make it easier said than done, yet does not excuse the practice of consideration. Thoughtful acts fueled only with your desire to include and integrate your future spouse into your daily activities and long-term plans, plus taking into account their wants and needs, can remove much of the clutter that could possibly cause some trip-ups that were never meant to be inevitable.

Communication is a fundamental foundation to a successful friendship, partnership, or romantic relationship. Even non-human species have a life dependent lean on communication through the clucks, crickets, and cries they use.  On a higher level, there is a needed and available bidirectional Divinely created communication plan set up for our relationship between God and us, which is prayer, through which we speak to Him, and what we often forget when it comes to Him, there is listening. What allows us humans, placed between the wild and the Wonders of the Heavens, to be exempt from communicating with each other?

Here’s why communication is paramount to relationships, based on some of its Greek root meanings. To communicate is to be ready and apt to socially maintain communion, which in Greek has been used synonymously with fellowship.  Communion or fellowship means being in participation or in partnership with others.  And, to communicate within a partnership is to make those around you, in the context of this topic the spouse of your dreams, a sharer in, not only your physical possessions, but also the impartation of what you freely give from who you are on the inside. The word impart stresses that the giver gives something precious to the recipient, as if part of the giver resides within what’s being shared.

There are many reasons, none to be ashamed of, why some find it difficult to communicate, but it is possible to do and to improve.  Additionally, it is extremely necessary. For, without it, intrudes the division touched upon earlier, causing consistent misunderstanding and conflict due to confusion, which is not of God since He is a God of order.  A perfect example of how powerful communication is, is seen in Genesis 11:1-9, which starts out in the first verse, “Now the whole world had one language and common speech.” This indicating everyone could communicate and understand each other. But, they began to take pride in themselves, cutting God out of their decisions, and started to build a tower to reach the heavens and make names for themselves that God did not want them to build.  In Genesis 11:6&7, God says as He sees what they are doing, “If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them. Come,… garble their speech so they won’t understand each other.”  In this scenario, God was not the enemy, but the loving guardian, keeping them from doing something non-beneficial to them.   As an example of how not communicating can cause division, as told to us in Genesis 11:8, they were scattered “…all over the earth and they stopped building…” A marriage, however, is something you want to keep building upon over your time together, and absolutely possible because God said that with communication, we can do anything! Think about how strong and powerful your marriage can be! This is a wonderful testament to the power of communication.

To achieve this as much as you can, there needs to be a willingness to discuss anything, even the difficult things, by allowing your mate to express their feelings, thoughts, and mistakes, without judgment or interruption, because it’s your turn to listen.  Listen with your heart, not just your ears, but with a genuine desire to understand. Your future mate will want to truly feel like their feelings and concerns matter to you.  At your opportunity to express, your willingness to set aside your own fears or hesitations will need to be exercised so you can share your feelings, thoughts, and needs in a peaceful loving and kind way.  As I, myself, had to learn years ago as I began my walk with Christ, you have the right to speak the truth in love. Proverbs 15:1 reminds us, because “A gentle answer deflects anger, but harsh words make tempers flare.”  Then, you will be ready to plan, problem solve, and make progress through whatever it is the two of you face or endeavor to accomplish!


Yes! I promised you FIVE tips, but you only read two and a half in Part I! So…

Read the rest in 5 Tips on Readying Yourself for Marriage – Part II!


Lukeisha H. CarrLove you with the Love of God!

LuKeisha Carr Ministries International