How It’s Truly Possible to Find Success of Suffering

I once questioned, through tearful agony, “Why do I have to suffer punishment for wrongs others did to me!?” This soul search wasn’t triggered by enforcement of laws of the land, but an inner struggle, perceived weaknesses, that were at hand. Others may grapple with themselves, trying to understand why was it them who went through the same incident but they were ones of the few who survived. And, some do suffer punishment for their own ill-deeds, but still prefer full pardoned with mercy and grace.

Before arriving at success of suffering, it’s oft perceived as lashing discipline. And, yes, it can be: a discipline fostering correction, or a discipline fostering life’s direction, ideally a good one, providing it’s dealt with wisely. Does it all come from God? As a person of strong faith, I don’t believe so. Then, “If God didn’t send it, but allowed it to happen, does it mean He doesn’t love me?” Again, I don’t believe so.

Though, it can be a punishment from God, sometimes it’s not. For, there are those who suffer because they’re doing the Right thing, and experience it for nothing other than being a target of dark powers using covert coercive manipulations, through their own, and others’, malicious deeds to force and reduce you from all you truly are.

Regardless of the source, whether it be, for you, a test, or an arrest, it can bring the best. Deserved Punishment/suffering, if looked at from a perspective of humble heart, can result in learning a lesson in wisdom, a restoration of integrity, a gaining respect of self and others, and the opportunity to leave the past behind and shift into a new beneficial start. Undeserved punishment/suffering, again with a humble heart, can result in acquiring deeper understanding, healthier mental strength, & discovery of true self-identity.

As I mention learning from suffering, not solely in terms of “learning a lesson” as in having been punished to teach you a lesson. But, at times you go through a storm of life, to be taught a lesson that, unless you go through it, you’d never know underlying reasons why others go through it, which would leave you unequipped to help anyone else who may go through the same suffering with a mindset of “Why me!?!?”, instead of a mindset of; 

“What do I need to learn from this experience?”

“What am I to do with what I’ve learned?”

Several years back, I thought I was going to lose everything I had worked for. And, when I say worked for, I mean worked in workaholic mode for about seven years. My co-op was at stake, as were my car and other possessions. But most importantly due to holding onto comfort, not wanting to suffer, most at stake was my mind.

More recently, endeavoring right things, as I’ll share my story in more detail at a later date, I lost everything, and Won; not avoiding the pain, it resulted in gain. Here I also, realized that unless you go through it, you’d never discover how gifted, valuable, and significant you inwardly truly are WITHOUT the house, title, 6-figure income, wardrobe, the other half who you so thought was the better half that made you greater! Truth is… suffering doesn’t have to shrink you, it can stretch you, preparing you for your appointment with Divine Destiny, requiring discovery of authentic self-identity.

Likening suffering’s painful process, with an Ancient Artifact, found beneath debris and rubble covering its authentic beauty and oppressed its usefulness over time, suffering can spark a heat strong enough to facilitate restoration that as with Gold, found mixed with the impurities of what takes place in its environment, a separation of the elements that has held you back from being the best you can be as Pure Gold takes place. Thus, allowing you to discover and uncover your unique design, enabling you to hit the reset button, directing you onto your most powerful path.

A strong vortex of a suffering storm, pulls on a person’s belief that their future is ruined. But, storms don’t mean Divine Destiny denied, instead they’re transportation into transformation. Truly, gifts and callings are irrevocable. So, no matter who or what stole things from you; your dignity, power, confidence; courage, seeds of potential of your innate makings are still in place, waiting to be cultivated better than before.

Suffering, is never solely about you, but others too; positively impacting their lives. Whether it happened long ago, or something you’re facing now, instead of focusing on suffering’s punishment, the success comes as you focus on betterment. For, what the storm tore down, can be rebuilt, better. And, what the storm took away that won’t be replaced, can make you, as an Agent of Change, an unstoppable Go Getter!

Lukeisha H. Carr

Love You to Life!

Lukeisha Carr

LuKeisha Carr Ministries International, Inc.

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