Where God is in Waiting For What You Need, Getting Something Different, and Desired Change Seems Non-Existent

Day by day, there’s anticipation. Anticipation, at times, can be exciting, worth not knowing what’s coming when the other side of anticipation has a sweet aroma of gladness to what we feel is going to happen next that’s pleasant. In these times, though, anticipation has reeked with anxiety due to uncertainty of what’s going, or not going, to happen in regards to all the unpleasantness around us.

Then, it’s gotten even more difficult, in that normally, we could do something about some of it, but now we cannot do. We could go and momentarily forget certain events we’d rather not think about, whether they’re in our home or out in our communities. We could take on another job or two, if the one we had didn’t pan out or pay enough. Or, we could simply get a sincere and much needed hug from a loved one. But, now, for the sake of not making bad matters worse we must make some rightful sacrifices, such as; staying at home, taking a pay cut for those of us who cannot work, and unfortunately bare the walls of separation to keep from spreading degradation, until this is under greater control or is completely over.

What I want to encourage you, as you read this, is that though it feels like you’ve lost a lot, there’s plenty you are gaining, and can gain. Acknowledging this, and choosing to receive it, puts you in a winning position. For, life is never 100% without struggle, without disappointment, nor without loses, but it never has to be, in any capacity without some percentage of beneficial increase. For, this Beloved of God, is how The Lord turns what was meant for your harm around for the good! It’s a matter of…

Enduring the Wait for What You Need

Like said in Kirk Franklin’s song “Looking Out For Me”, know that The Lord Jesus is looking out for you! The two verses I especially love in this song is:

“And then I tried you and just

When I was about to fall

Your love caught me when your name I called

Jesus You keep on looking out for me

Remember when the doctor said

He said he couldn’t help you and

Remember when the money was getting low

You’re hurting now your feeling low and just

When you thought the night would never end

The sun came out now you can smile again

Jesus you keep on looking out for me”

These are fitting words for such a time as this, when your fears are telling you that sickness is stronger that you and smarter than your doctors; telling you the economy of the world doesn’t like your kind; telling you there’s no hope, no future. They embody the Goodness of Jesus who comes and tells those fears to disapear, because per John 8:44; “…the devil… is a liar and father of lies!” And, Beloved, “unhealthy fear” is the devil’s greatest and most used tool.

Truth is, God is not simply an arbitrary Master Spirit in the sky as I once thought of Him as many years ago. He’s active through His Spirit, His Holy Angels, and Devoted & Obedient Human Servants, in ways that greatly and positively impacts the tangible world. He hasn’t forgotten about you, and so I encourage you not to forget about Him but include Him in your daily life. It’s then when you’ll begin to see, that as you do everything you “can” do with Integrity, whatever it is that you, your doctors, family, friends & colleagues, cannot do, He will make that happen. Because, Truth is, we all as Human Beings have limitations, limitations that simply cannot meet some aspects of what you need. In doing this, you increase in resourcefulness, in tapping into everything available to you in the natural realm: your community, your state, your country, etc., while at the same time, tapping into a Powerful Resource that’s like NO other when the Holy God is your Principal Source!

Beloved, a common fear the enemy uses against you is that “no one will help you”. Once again, the devil is a liar. First and foremost, as Psalm 121:1,2 says; “…From where does my help come? My help comes from The LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth.” Secondly, there are people, not that you should look to them ONLY, who are the right people for you. People that are of Kindred Spirit, like-minded, and like-hearted. People who sincerely want you to Win at all that’s your Divine Right to achieve, that God has intentionally placed in strategic positions to help His people. And, any who chooses Faith in The Lord, instead of fear of others, will not succumb to threats of punishment for “Right” doing, will lend you a helping hand in whatever capacity God has planned, in due time. So, though distanced due to circumstances, know you are not alone! While you wait by keeping busy doing your part, letting, and relying on, God do His, see the benefit in…

Getting What You Never Thought You Needed

During situations you seemingly have no control over, when you need to take a job, for example, that you thought you’d never need to take; or, you ended up doing something, though upright, you still would’ve never willingly chosen to do, if you had known the details beforehand, know that The Lord has a reason for you to be there in this season.

This happened to me twice, that I’m aware of, over the last three years. Here, I’ll just share one, wherein in my company Cornerstone Solid Hope, I originally started out providing Relationship Enhancement Coaching, one of three of my areas of expertise, but ended up on one assignment that had me involved in “Business” Relationship Coaching, which was something I never really thought of doing, and wasn’t offering until I took an assignment where it was sprung on me in its interim. And, what I realized soon thereafter was how The Lord purposed it to prepare me for a larger assignment within His calling for me that I had known about for several months, but wasn’t quite sure of all it entailed, yet. As God does this, He’s giving you Provision for the Divine Vision!

The Lord did this with Moses, as he was in the wilderness for quite some time, where he had to be “prepared” to be Shepherd of The Lord’s flock, before he was sent on to his work for God. Knowing where Mose grew up, you’d think this was an undesirable downgrade, but it was a path to be Upgraded! So was Jesus in His wilderness just before He embarked on His Ministry, where He had to be “prepared” for the challenges of the opposer of His call to ensure He carries it out successfully by understanding and appropriately handling what He was up against. And, so did Joseph go through his wilderness as he was betrayed by those he should’ve been able to trust the most, yet, it didn’t break him, it didn’t ruin him, it built him up to be one of a nation’s most dependable leaders! Whatever the wilderness is for you, that place you would’ve never gone, that thing you would’ve never chosen, but was thrusted upon you, it’s preparing you for what you’re going to do!

So, don’t look down on yourself if you had to choose to take on tasks or experiences, whether professional or personal, that you never thought you’d need to take on, because it could very well be providing you with something you Need, aside from money, that you never even knew you needed!

There’s Change in Seemingly No Change

“When will this CHANGE! I can’t take this anymore!” The devil, that’s putting that in your head, is a liar! Philippians 4:13 says; “I can do all things through Christ who Strengthens me!” And, it is my prayer for you that you begin to regularly Agree with it, Embody it, & over yourself Speak it! As you do, the strength you think you don’t have to press onward will rise up and surprise you when you find yourself saying I could only get through it with the presence of God in my life. 

Next, think of change like an onion. There’s different layers of areas where change for the best can happen. Also, like an onion, the change process may have you in tears, but it can at times be tears of Gratefulness, not always having to be from tears of sorrows or fears. What doesn’t look like it’s changing in your outward circumstances, creates a domino affect that initiates changes in deeper layers of your being, in deeper layers of your life. It’s up to you to decide to make sure the changes that are happening, when the ones you want aren’t yet happening, help you grow better and not bitter. It’s helps to know that everything, beloved, works together for the good for those who love The Lord. He will not let you fall.

When nothing seems like it’s moving, Beloved, The Lord doesn’t stand still. God is on the move! Doing things behind the scenes that you cannot yet detect. And, this can increase Patience in you, if you let it. Waiting for Divine Timing isn’t always easy, but it’s best to not run before it, so not to make bad matters worse. Don’t let Microwave Mentality inappropriately and insufficiently cook your sustenance, when it needs to be slow cooked for good reasons! For, soon you’ll see the change you can’t yet see!

This, Beloved, is what can help with worry and anxiety; knowing that when you can’t see a way God will make a way out of no way, especially when He wants it done His way. Here’s where you do what you can within reasonable boundaries, and let God do what you can’t. Resourcefulness, Resiliency, and eventually Restoration, along with peacefulness and gratefulness, can and will be yours. It’s just a matter of using what you already have at hand, with God in the mix; shifting your perspective off the problem and on to the promise; and remembering that you may not be able to see the change of a seed newly planted for quite some time, but during that time change is happening! And, you will soon Bloom right where you’re planted!

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Love You to Life!

Lukeisha Carr

LuKeisha Carr Ministries International

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